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Where to add Fengxing F600L brake fluid

Lubrication Technician
Kenneth Wright
You want to know how to change brake fluid in your automobile, you can see the quick tutorial for brake fluid checking the right way!
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Comments on how to fix brake fluid on a Fengxing F600L:
Superpro control arm bushes are way better than the powerflex ones
i used sunflower seed oil it works so far
Hi, great video. Is the bracket for your saddle bags the original or a custom one? I have the same saddle bags as you and I'm looking for a bracket that fits for my VN1500. Thanks.
I saw a guy using the Motive Power Bleeder and he put the new fluid in the Motive Power Bleeder not the brake fluid reservoir as you did. I was under the impression the power bleeder was a pump to push air down to the calipers taking the new fluid with it.
Super great video, one question: How many bottles of Castrol SRF brake fluid did you go through to do a full system flush like this?
very good but I prefer starting up the engine before changing the fuel filter so when bleeding the system I can rev up the engine easily without harming the engine
Thanks bro it worked
Is process the same for a 2013 Pathfinder?
Is this the same for the 5th gen pre vtec
Well, what car did you use it on? I'm asking because that mixture is meant for cars like the FSO Żuk. (Since I can't post links here feel free to look it up on wikipedia, it's there, under FSC Zuk.) This is a car that will reliably run on used frying oil and can be repaired with a few wrenches, pliers, a hammer and a screwdriver. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this concoction was proven to work well with the Zuk, or most other former Eastern Bloc cars you can find in Cuba.
question i have a 2013 c300 how do i knw if i have a 'sensatronic brake system? or can i do this same procedure as the video
boss pag may natunog pag pinepress n parang may singaw pero wala nmn bulang lumalabas.need p b i bleed ulit.
Ξανά μπράβο. Συγχαρητηρια. Σε τέτοιους χαλαρούς καιρούς η γνώση που προσφέρεις έχει πολύ μεγαλύτερη αξία για μας αλλά και για σένα. Να είσαι καλά. Φιλικά και πολυ respect Νίκος Longjohn
LOL, the spillage really sucks. And another thing - is there a good reason not to put all the information about changing brake pads etc. in a single video?!
thanks, it has pagid pads fitted already along with cheap discs approx 18months old, but they dont have the normal shiny metal surface you expect too see, more a darker shade really! which is why i questioned cheap discs. n handbrake was v,poor and you could see caliper had not been working properly so i had a serviced spare to hand and swapped it earlier today, both items seem fine now! :-) tho discs are off putting...
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