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What type of grease for homokinetic joint for GEO Tracker

Lubrication Specialist
Timothy King
If you want to know how much add grease for homokinetic joint in your automobile, I’ll show you tips how to change grease for homokinetic joint by your hands!
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Comments on how to fix grease for homokinetic joint on a GEO Tracker:
How tight do you tighten the nut that has all the threaded holes in it?
Good video and helpful
Flip the axles on that thing. Put 5.88 gears in it. Body lift and 35s!
can i doit on honda civic 94 myself
I have a 97 2wd tracker. When I mash the horn button and hold it it starts strong but fades out and my wipers turn on. If I turn my left turn signal on my wipers come on. Right side doesn't do that. If I turn hazards on it will also trigger the wipers. Would this be the culprit
Hey was there any thing specail u had to do to get the motor mounts to line up?
Much appreciated brother. This had exactly what I needed.
'Just temporary'... Still on there and holding just fine to this day I assume?
I replaced the cable on my manual transmission '87 westy after watching this. The install was basically yet same. Very helpful. Thanks!
Nice job Sir.
Mine just started doing that yesterday. Doing exactly what yours is doing. Battery is strong. I replaced the fuel filter. I checked the spark plugs. Motor cranks good but it just wont start. I guess I'll check the timing belt. :) 
work just as you said
Every time something happens with one of my vehicles I can never find a video to fix it. It's usually how to change a license plate on a 2010 Dodge. lol It's like who the heck needs a video to learn how to change a license plate? smh
Thanks for the video...I have a Tracker needing a fuel filter...I was wondering how the lines worked as they look to be the same type connections...Banjo bolts...DUH...Same way brake lines connect...I guess it's from not doing this stuff enough...I'm an HVAC man...Never claimed to be an auto mechanic...I'd get a C plus at most, but keep learning from guys like you...Thanks again.
what happens if you don't remove the relay???
Nice video I am about to change the wheel bearings on my 03 Suzuki xl7. It looks easy enough I just have to check the axle on mine to see if I need that socket as well.
What wrong with it before change the fuel filter???
Excellent video, does this apply for other model years or just the 2003?
does the 1995 geo tracker have airbags
My fuel line which goes to the TOP of the gas tank, to the fuel pump, broke right at the filter where the bolt is...and about 1 inch from the what??? So in order to get the leak stopped, I HAD to cut the other line that goes to the car, right after the banjo bolt fitting on the filter(the output side), I can put a ribbed brass fitting in the hose to get get the hose connected together, other words sucked...I had to use a generic filter, that has hose connections on the input and output(no threaded, or banjo fittings). I do not know the new filter ratings or the rate of flow...but the truck started, and checking for leaks now.. Update..I now need, the fuel pump outlet hose, going to the inlet of the fuel filter, and I need the fuel filter outlet hose, going to the steel fuel line...that goes to the engine, or goes to the fuel rail..I need both of the hose's
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