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What kind of hydraulic fluid does a Maruti S-Cross use

Lubrication Specialist
Kenneth Wright
You want to know where to add hydraulic fluid in your car, I’ll show you the review how much add hydraulic fluid when it's time!
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Comments on how to fix hydraulic fluid on a Maruti S-Cross:
It appeared that you drained both Transmission and Hydraulic Fluid. I hope you got the correct replacement. You have more strength Pulling than Pushing so orientate yourself so you can Pull on those tight ones. Always use a 6 Point socket, Johnson or Breaker bar and just add a piece of 1' pipe to increase your leverage. There seems to be a bolt missing in that flange above your head at 4:55. Proud of you knowing which way is Loose! In my operation, lady goes to Town for Parts and beer and guy does the dirty work. Cats are lookin' good! Great views of YOU!!!☺♥ Those drain plugs should never have been that tight. Strap Wrench is the way to go and use clean oil to lube the filter seal. Too bad you missed cleaning that screen. I always put a small swivel head magnet in the drain hole after it is completely drained to pick up any metal particles. Some Drain plugs have magnets in them. Thanks for the Sat video. Makes me enjoy my Buweiser. Good riddance to your Ford hat. Your camera is doing a very good job. Extremely clear.
Is your back brake on the right hand side because mine is on the left
Man, slow down, and really no need to repeat yourself. I'm guessing this product quiets lifters? Could have been a 15 second video.
Great as always Ryan. Many thanks from the UK...
Thanks for posting the video my 2001 996 is exactly like yours, did the trick, although I must say getting the plug screwed back in took some patience
Ditto The Burnhams below. You showed absolutely nothing except the finished product.
I have had a problem on our MF gc2600 were it goes slower in reverse but it’s fine going forward just slow backwards and it’s not stuck in a gear?
Yeah.. Its Fluid Motor VS. Fluid Cylinder
it's not previous damages trace around the new head valves, it is the valve seats that have been pin-hamered so they dont fell of again, the blue stuff is machinist tracing blue, great video man,well explained a+, will try to change 1 head with out removing the timing cover :o (fresh rebuilt engine but one bad head to change).
Can you make a video a talk about on that Turbo breather pipe versus pcv valve, it's very important for me
Yes but...this circles back to people not knowing or just simply cutting corners. That oil is perfectly fine for JD tractors before 74. I'm a firm believer of put what the manufacturer sells in your tractor. If it's green put their oil in. Blue tractors take New Holland oils. Next NC will ban diesel cause someone managed to put that into a gas engine.
As a suggestion, change the magnification to f9 or f11 to avoid all the focusing in and out. This takes away from the video itself and makes it very distracting. I got a headache fro watching this video.
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