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Vauxhall Antara camshaft replacing

Engine Professional
Anthony Hernandez
If you ask how to replacing camshaft in your automobile, you can see the tutorial how to replacing camshaft by your hands!
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Comments on how to fix camshaft on a Vauxhall Antara:
you're awesome I wish I see this video before I got stuck on freeway
what is you melt down some lead and poor it in to hole and cap off the ends the tap the hard lead
ini xenia 1.0 old sama juga kah?
Is this the same for a 2002 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE? Awesome video. Thanks a lot.
Nice video, I like it...
How much is this engine, I am good with a 150hp engine?
Why not install aftermarket main caps. They aren't that expensive and add strength.
PawPaw I tried my very best to buy American made cars but always had terrible experiences with their reliability and poor service at the dealerships. I stopped buying these vehicles when General Motors would not replace my cracked crankshaft pulley while still under extended warranty that I had purchased when the car was new. Worthless overpriced warranty. Bad attitudes from their mechanics. I didn't hesitate to tell them to their faces that they will all be out of jobs soon. That dealership closed and I got the last laugh. It will be awhile before these American car companies earn my respect and confidence before I give them my hard earned dollars to ever purchase their vehicles again. I have some confidence in the Ford F150, but I'll be watching the consumer watchdog forums with a eagle eye before I make any commitments. Hope your repair project is a success, but that model and engine already has a very poor track record. Thanks for your honest opinions about those 'intentional engineering design flaws'. Stay calm guy, not worth getting your blood pressure off the chart. We need your videos...take care.
this would go great in my 84 datsun, to replace the warmed 5.0 from an explorer currently installed
buenas soy especialista mecanico toyota venezolano por ahora me encuetro reparando un motor de aveo quiero saber la numeracion de la conchas del arbol de leva por favor
Inspired by your video I started to dig into my similar problem with a V70. I get a P0340 error code always and the engine is really hard to start. So, I put the cam sensor on a scope and the signal stays at 5V. It doesn't pull down even though the engine is running. I tried the sensor off the engine putting som metal against the tip, bit it's still 5V... The Sensor is brand new, but to be honest not OEM... Where would you start looking?
I have a 2004 Z4 with 2.5I.  How do i remove the vanos in this car?  Does anyone like to help me please.  I took all the bolts off and it is not coming out.  Is there a special way to get it out?  Waiting for anyone to respond.  Thanks!
Puss didn't even rev the shit out of it another built motor for nothin
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