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Test Nissan Terrano exhaust manifold gasket

Intake & Exhaust Professional
George Wilson
Do you know how to change exhaust manifold gasket in your car, I’ll show you the review how to replacing exhaust manifold gasket DIY!
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Comments on how to fix exhaust manifold gasket on a Nissan Terrano:
How about when not accelerating Im trying to figure out if thats whats wrong with mine,I changed the cat and repaired a hole on the pipe but, I hear that sound like you got,Im hoping its nothing bigger,first it was only doing it when accelarating now it does simetimes without accelerating
You think you'll get to the head gasket by next weekend?
fu k put the camera down
Don’t forget to put a dab of grey or black rtv where the timing cover meets the head
Simple and effective instructions. Thanks for the assist.
I made it bruther.
That noise could also be a cracked manifold. They are some common problems on these vehicles.
What manifold did you purchase? Did it fit well I looked for a video on it but didn’t see it. Looks like I need a new manifold and gasket on my 98
oh, thank god! i have this sound on my focus RS, finally i know what it could be!
I replaced the cover but on one side the bold leaks and it continues to leak when I drive manually or automatically
Would you car pass inspection if you had air ride?
You sure it's an exhaust leak?
T’was a fine drawing.
I'm doing the same work with a 96 e150 5.8L van, not easy, but I got mine off, that black pipe is the tranny tube, for the dip stick, very moveable, if anyone wants some advice or tips, leave comment
Definitely wouldnt recommend using the impact for removal or tightening down all the way.
REMEMBER. You want to remove all gasket material with scotch bright pad BEFORE putting the valve cover back on. AND torque all the bolts down to a specific spec. Not just 'tight' this will ensure a proper seal and no leaks
The bolts were worked on before I did the job so they were lose already. 'PB Blast' works good for rusted stuck nuts. I used a box end wrench and tapped the back side so nut will hold in and would not fall through. O ya the studs came out on the two ends when I worked on it. They must have come out at the shop. The manifold is lose like that because I lossend the exhaust pipe under the car. you may need to take out the alternator? That has a hiden tensoner bolt underneath it.
Drove mine to the muffler shop with just the header. Seven miles away and no emission laws in the state I live in. I would have to agree about the kick down cable it was a pain in
did u have to use a ring compresser
Touchofevil04 please make sure you bring it to their attention. They are really giving me a hard time fixing it. I am bringing this video to the dealer in the morning. I will see what they have to say then?
Thanks... not buying one of these...
Can i throw a distributor into a 2000 i6 in place of the camsenser? I want to go carberated screw all the gremlins that come with Chrysler crap wires and vacuum
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