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Test if Infiniti G37 ignition switch is working

Electrical & Lights Professional
Andrew Hall
If you want to know how to remove ignition switch in your automobile, I’ll show you the video tutorial how to install ignition switch easy and efficient way!
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Comments on how to fix ignition switch on a Infiniti G37:
I have done this, along with cleaning my MAF sensor periodically for years on my 09 G37x. Now I've got 233K miles & I've had to do nothing to my car except oil changes & brakes, replace 1 hose & 1 belt, 1 water pump & 1 drive shaft & she still runs like new!
Took me two tries but it actually worked
I keep coming back to this video whenever I need to reset my G37 - thank you for posting it, thank you for getting straight to the point (no long into and crap) - I legit use your talking to keep my timing accurate. Legit, you’ve saved me many times - so thanks!!
That last press on the accelerater was it a hold or just a press?
Tried the same exact steps on my 08 G35 but for some reason the service engine light didn't blink?
Explaining what to do before you do it would be a great help
I’m confused, anytime he counts the steps all he’s doing is pressing down on the accelerator?
The check engine light keeps coming back after like 48 hours.
My G37s coupe 6mt was idling at 1k rpm. I did the reset and the rpm went down to normal but check engine light still on
Ang galing mo Noy sayang ang layout sa amin kasi iipapagawa ko sana ... Rusco ng anak ko nasa Apayao kami lasi
Greta Info and demo Jason Thanks for sharing
Having the same issue c'mon ford. Anywho tried this out, was certain it would work. had no luck.
Sir car ka Waring ke bareme video banaiye
Love watching your I the first to notice that the odometer is at lucky 777...?
Agar steering lock hoga to kaise hoga sar
Will this work on a 2007 g35s sedan 6mt
Can you just replace the switch without changing the key or recoding it?
So is the problem the Ignition or the fact that you have to man keys on the key ring.
I just replaced mine.  Wished I'd seen this first.  Other instructions online have you remove the wires to the horn button.  You just left the button pad assembly with the steering wheel.  Duh.  Taking them off and on was a pain   Now I know.
I can't get mine to even start now. Not sure what I'm missing. It was doing what yours was doing before, now I'm not getting any sign the engine is starting. Battery is fine, just went and bought new one last week. Think I'm missing something to get car to turn on when turning key
Muy bien amigo, bravo
Focus, Focus, Focus.
My ride is a 91 springer softail, so I assume it is similar. I was hoping to learn how to remove the dash before I dived in. Your thoughts?
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