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Test if drag link end on Subaru B4 is working

Steering Professional
Timothy King
Do you know how to install drag link end in your auto, you can see the info about drag link end replacement with no problem!
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Comments on how to fix drag link end on a Subaru B4:
Duke is duke
Excellent brother
Thank you so much! Had a heck of a time finding the right parts up here in Alaska. This helped out a ton.
Thanks for the video. Never can learn enough on the Model A. Any update on the front motor mount?
love the random bunny at the end lol
i have a 75 model 646 and i love it its just the right size for almost anything and it runs like a champ my only complaint is there is no room to work on it but i never have to so i guess that isn't a problom
I'm about to chase down a few steering issues like you guys did. I have a hoist (Lift as you guys call it), so that should make the job easier. However, here in Australia being Right Hand Drive, the steering box is jammed under the carburetor which makes things a bit more difficult. Grrr. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
That kicks ass! I'm glad to see electric really taking off with racing. It's the best way for companies to develop new technology for the consumer. Seeing how much our lives depend on electricity and battery technology this is awesome and more entertaining then watching lab tests.
Thanks for the great video. The ZJ Tie rod is definitely the way to go if you want to keep factory size XJ 15 or 16 inch wheels.
Picking one up for my 01 XJ first thing in the morning!
Your problem with your thinking is that you think combustion cars will be still be legal to drive in 20 years... When you are a Grandpa your kids will not be allowed to drive a combustion engine or own any firearms... Welcome to the new Socialist Authoritarian order of America.. The Shithole is upon us.
E copo camaro run 9.83 134.07
I don’t like this lol. It doesn’t have a personality in my opinion. Idk, tbh for drag racing isnt all about racing. Least I don’t think so. I want something to feel and hear, not just the tires. It’s cool sure, but I don’t think I’ll ever hop on the wave.
Did you guy take apart the steering box to track down the steering wheel play?
I have a 2000 wj. Do I have to remove the tires? And if not, do I have to lift the car to do the job??
Very useful. My current array of splitters won't fit on the pitman and idler arm joints. Can I buy the BMW ball joint splitter from a main dealer or would they refuse to sell me one? Any idea of £ cost for the tool?
I, as a Pony extremist, am literally in tears.. I don't want electric and Mustang being a thing
Measuring carefully is an important step. I like to put mate marks on the pitman arm and steering box as well.
Can you replace the stabilizer after a wheel alignment without having to realign again??
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