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Test if brake light switch on Lamborghini Murcielago is working

Electrical & Lights Technician
Anthony Hernandez
If you want to know how to replacing brake light switch in your auto, you can see the video manual about brake light switch replacement step-by-step!
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Comments on how to fix brake light switch on a Lamborghini Murcielago:
I have Subaru Forester 2015 with All Lights ON ($cristmas tree) + blinking 'At Oil Temp' We just changed out the Brake Light Switch (Subaru 83370AA001 Stop Lamp Switch) BTW previous night the car was perfect running. (but engine oil and filter were newly replaced) Unfortunately!!! It DID NOT work, then one mechanic said ' (You need the replace the full transmission!) I can't find 2nd hand here in AbuDhabi (UAE). I appreciate anybody help. many thanks.
Good solution
Love and support po dont have more idea nian pero interesting fullpackage na po see you around
And yes i am a maroon...
great video..thanks
i use a flat head screw is working fine bueno lol
gonna try and see if this solves my problem! Stupid tail lights don't work and all the fuses and wires are fine.
Hi. Love the videos. I have a question. I am restoring a 1982 cm250c honda. This is my first restoration. I have finally collected all the parts to restore it but. I don't trust the wiring harness. Is there anywhere i can get a new one made or buy a kit or something, maybe send it to someone and get them to duplicate it. Wiring isn't my strong point...Thanks
My 2001 chevy tracker sticks in park and I accessed the emergency release under the shifting housing and that worked temp. Do you know what it might be to fix?
thanks man...solve my problem
Where are u in the car
good job man, and funny too...more videos man!
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How bout if my 3rd brake light dont work?
I wonder how much money does it cost that kind of job.
Ginawa Kona Yan kaso kinalawang kadina ko
Waiting your show host
just did a booster, and noted the lights where on, many thanks!
Too friking dark. No good
Thank you for the video. Lifesaver brother
I just completed this with my 2001 F150 4.6L supercrew. First, thank you for the video it certainly helped. Some tips: 1) To remove that 7mm screw that holds the switch in place and supplies ground to the chassis, I had to remove the plastic molding in front of it and loosen the four bolts that hold the GEM in place. This allowed easier access. I could not lower the brake assembly to access the screw no matter what I tried. 2) The top bolt on the brake assembly just needs loosened. It is slotted and the assembly will slide right down once the other two bolts are removed. 3) the switch contacts were the problem. The washer on the topside of the switch is what makes contact between ground and the connector. I took some emery cloth and sanded the contacts clean. Problem solved. 4) If I had to do it again, I would get a flat jewelers file and attempt to file the contact surfaces clean before removing anything except the parking brake release lever.
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