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Replacing pedal pad on Smart Forfour Brabus

Interior Technician
Andrew Hall
Wondering how to remove pedal pad in your car, I’ll show you the review for pedal pad repair by your hands!
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Please HELP!!! make a video replacing brake light switch. I have 2001 Acura 3.2 cl type s
It's a review. Obviously there's going to be talking.
For the price damn near anything is better. Not to mention kids ... every one they find.
great idea, thanks
I just unpluged the lights right there at the brake pad. Right behind the trigger stop is the electrical plug. Using a flat head I disconnected and the lights are off until I get the stopper. thx
Quite exactly like all the VW Beetle motorcars. BUT (or should I say BUTT?), why be concerned with pads at all?...simply grasp your half full tube of Black-silicone...ap ply a thick coating on the metal surface, and viola! And if you are in a racy, or horndog, mood, sprinkle an ample amount (let your conscience be your guide) of grit (sand or crushed diamonds) on the drying goo. Make haste to allow sufficient time to dry. BTW & FYI, if'n you are into black coloured underwear, the glue can also be used for onsite rips, tears & holes...or so my ' Cognac Cousin' assures me. But then, he cannot always be held liable for his suggestions.
cant post links but try w w w.guitar-experien ce. com its £99 (dont know what country your in?)
I bet my 69 dart 340 4spd would've taken this bee out...same color with cragars...what a runner with the 3.91's...great looking super bee.
Great video
i dont care, this might ENHANCE the sound of my crybaby, but i dont want it that way. have your expensive crap if u want it, i just dont.
Good video missed lubing the two slider pins.
ceweknya 300 jt dapet nggak?
Good One..Please do subscribe my channel if you like it FNw4
This was my first finished sewing project last year! :D
nice solo mein
По какой цене брал?
First, make sure to remove the brake fluid reservoir cap. I always replace the hardware and clean the guide pins (silglide). Also, it's a good idea to take a small wire brush and clean the areas below the hardware. Then put some anti-seize on those cleaned areas. The rotor should be checked for hot spots, warping, and wear. Check the old brake pads and make sure that they are worn evenly. Outside of that it's a pretty simple procedure. Also, I generally bleed out the old fluid and add new fluid as I bleed the lines.
Is there a Honda part number on that plastic cone -if not-where did you get it and what is it called? Thanks for your help.
Excellent videos. Thank you so much, Barry
This is the most unhelpful video I have ever watched
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We have a 65 vin and it has fit and finish issues, as well as as a dash rattle.We have an appointment at Tesla for repairs. Some of those issues should not be there for a car in this price range, but we really like the car. This crossover is fun to drive!
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