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Replacing oil pressure sensor on Isuzu MU-X

Electrical & Lights Specialist
Timothy King
If you want to know how to remove oil pressure sensor in your automobile, you can see the information how to install oil pressure sensor DIY!
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i did this, it resolved the issue for around a month and i got same same issue again. Any ideas?
Love the hat kid. Where'd u get it?
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To reset your battery, all you have to do is disconnect the negative for 1 minute.
Thank for the great video. Will likely solve my son's problem and something I can easily do next time I change the oil.
Awesome video thanks!!!
I was able to remove and replace mine with just removing the brake booster hose. good tip with the bolt into the filter got mine with a pick but was a pain.
Great video, did it solve the issue? Ive got the exact same symptoms on my 2000 Excursion. I am in Colorado, only started happening for me when the temps started going below 40 last fall. Thanks for posting, I have had a hard time finding these symptoms in the forums.
Great video. Kudos to you. Very Helpful. This is the tightest most impossible location for the sensor switch. Would love to know how you removed the blind connector. No space for my fingers or tools. I am really struggling with this.
Although your intentions are awesome there the usual non pro 'wondering' how to do it. Heart is in the right place though.
What make is the socket you are using? I bought a generic 1-1 (27mm) oil pressure sensor deep socket off Amazon but it seems too long and won’t go on the old sensor hex even though the socket fits the new ac delco sensor perfectly. I think I need a shorter deep socket back there..
Nice video you got the pressure up but you never said what the pressure was I couldn't read it it was too short of time so what is the normal pressure for a 2000 Buick LeSabre can you let me know I can't find anything
Thanks for the video Clay. Would the switch perhaps send wrong pressure to gauge? On my 03 5.7 Hemi the pressure on gauge drops to zero on idle. As soon as I accelerate it goes back to normal. When I changed oil last time this switch had oil inside by terminals from leak somewhere. Is there a way to manually confirm the oil pressure? Thanks.
Difference between oil pressure sensor and a oil pressure switch... Crusader engine 8.1mpi
I have a 1995 buick lesaber limited and it has the dummy lights and the oil fluid is good but the oil light comes on if the engine warms up so how do i tell if its the oil sensor or the oil pump?
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