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Replacement seat heater on GMC Yukon

Interior Technician
Donald Johnson
Do you know how to change seat heater in your auto, you can see the video tutorial how to replace seat heater very easy and efficient way!
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Is Stelvio good in snow on a GMC Yukon?

Fortunately, the GMC Yukon and Stelvio are both available with Q4 All-Wheel Drive. Should a loss of traction be detected on a wet surface, the system is able to redistribute power as needed between the front and rear axles. Powerful turbocharged engines are available to help you power through built-up snow.

Do GMC Yukon Civics have heated seats?

Available heated front and rear seats! Not only will you stay warm, but your passengers will too! The Civic is typically thought of as a sporty sedan.

How do you turn off the heated seats in a GMC Yukon?

Press the heated seat symbol to cycle through the various heat settings and off. Warmer settings are indicated by more indicator lights. If the engine falls below 350 RPM while the heated seats are on, the feature will turn itself off and will need to be reactivated.

Which is better SV or SR?

While the SR model will definitely provide a secure ride, the SV model comes equipped with a couple of extra safety technologies. When traveling on multi-lane highways, a blind-spot monitor gives you an extra level of awareness. Rear cross-traffic alert is also featured on the Altima SV.

When did cars start having heated seats on a GMC Yukon?

The first car to introduce heated seats was the GMC Yukon. These days, many cars offer a heated steering wheel and even heated paneling.

What is multi contour on a GMC Yukon?

The Multicontour Seat Package adjusts the seat with more or less air in the seat side bolsters like a tailor-made suit. When you adjust the backrest bolsters so that they fit you firmly, this improves lateral support for sporty driving manoeuvres. Inflatable chambers in turn create a massage effect in the lumbar area.

How much does it cost to add heated seats to a GMC Yukon?

Our heated seats start at around $310 per seat. That price can vary by make and model. Seat fabric also impacts that pricing.

How many miles a gallon does a GMC Yukon get get?

Whether you need a vehicle that can keep you working all day or you just want to take on the off-road trails for hours on end, the GMC Yukon has the fuel efficiency you need. This truck is engineered to be lightweight and efficient, achieving an EPA-estimated 20 city/23 highway MPG.

How do you turn on heated seats in a GMC Yukon 328i?

How To Use Heated Seats GMC Yukon F30 3 Series - So here's the heated seats button you've got one on the passenger side and the driver's side all you do is press it. So three is the hottest medium. And the lowest. And then turn off like that.

Where is GMC Yukon made?

For the North American market, the XC40 is built in Belgium. Standard equipment is generous for a subcompact SUV and indeed, the XC40 provides more features for your money than its top rivals.
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Comments on how to fix seat heater on a GMC Yukon:
Better off replacing both heating elements. if one is bad the other will go bad.
Your video has made my day!!! thanks to u guys I can fix all the problems with my truck.
1... is a lot easier than you portray. All you have to do to ... is feel the seat bottom and seat back. If it's not heating, it's shot. Duh. 2. Dorman 641-105 bottom seat heaters are available on eBay for $50. Why is yours $85?
What if the controller in the side of the door doesn’t ‘register’ any sort of on How likely is it that it’s the controller itself as opposed to the heaters themselves? This one has the peddle adjustments in it as well as the driver 1 driver 2 and none of those work...
Buying two new seat heaters and seeing if they work isn't diagnostics.
For a 2008 Suburban LTZ the switches are on the door. I see there is a module as well. Where is this located? Also, is it a harness that goes between the switches on the door and the seats. I'm installing a set of leather seats in my 96 Gmc and I'm trying to understand the layout better.
Hey, I have a question. My driver side seat bottom heater is out (open circuit). When I turn on only my driver side seat back on high it warms up just fine, but at around 10 minutes of operation (after it gets good and hot) the controller trips out both sides. This doesn't happen if I leave it on low (haven't tried medium). Also, once it has tripped out from getting hot, it won't stay on more than 10 seconds at a time without retripping (even on low) until it cools. Passenger side works fine on high. Is this a problem with the heat pad in the seatback, or is there some separate issue with the controller or some temp sensor that is just kicking it off instead of cycling it? I'd gladly change out the heating pads, but I don't want to go through the hassle if there's something else wrong that can't be fixed.
So what does it mean if my driver side turns on by itself randomly? I can turn it off, but it will turn back on sometimes seconds later or sometimes a couple mins later. Some days it doesnt turn itself on. Then other days it will turn on by itself then go off by itself and then come back on again. Its an 05 tahoe btw
I have a problem on my 2009 gmc Sierra slt the driver side heated seat turn on the light but after a minute or so it will shut of and no heat any help please thanks