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Replacement Dodge Ramcharger hazard warning flasher

Electrical & Lights Professional
Timothy King
Wondering how to change hazard warning flasher in your automobile, you can see the video how to replacing hazard warning flasher very easy and efficient way!
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Comments on how to fix hazard warning flasher on a Dodge Ramcharger:
What happens if it only works when it wata to. I keep thinking its a short but I can't find it. Possibly the flasher?
Great video I have 2000 suburban and my flasher would blink fast so, I replaced a bulb or two that was out. But now it blinks very very slow to nothing at all.
Awesome video just what I need to fix my 04 Tahoe LT Thanks
Awesome video. Thank you.
I had the same exact problem in my 01 Silverado and I changed that same flasher and still have the same issue
I have an 02 Chevy Silverado 1500 extended cab and mine just went thanks a lot for the video appreciate it Merry Christmas
If I took that the blinker out and that the outside left flasher weren’t working wouldn’t the turn signal have a bad bulb in the socket left or right side on it?
Good video!
thank you for information Sir
I replaced flasher it did nothing, when I use my signals my emergency lights just go off
Spot on! Thank you. 2003 yukon
Thank you. Exactly the advice I needed to fix the flasher on my 2003 Tahoe!
98.00 bucks at NAPA...Thanx
Is it the same on a 98 van
Just want i needed to see, i got a crusty dirtymax and the flashers just suddenly quit working
Does this work if the hazard turn on while driving and not using the turn signals?
Yo tengo el mismo problema manana lo arreglo gracias bato
Any way to undue the clicking noise or to change it so it's softer...maybe a diff. sound?
Having the same issue with my 2000 chevy impala ls's blinkers, they work when they want too.
Thanks to you I just saved a lot of money had the same issue with my 2003 Chevy Suburban. I am happy to say I am a new subscriber.
Remove Main Dash, Remove lower dash w 7mm Bolts - There's the relay. Thanks!
Super Job for on the road. 15 minutes ago I grabbed a can of contact cleaner, went out, disassembled the column, and removed the signal switch. I came in for some coffee and figured I would hit you tube to take a look around. If only I had checked sooner! Nice video explaining the issue! thanks for the explanation! But, Dude, Road tools dont include sockets? With 300k miles on the clock we carry everything in our short bed reg cab 04 Silverado 4.3 5 speed.
Hello!! So I have a 2006 silverado and the left turn signal dosen’t do anything nor when the hazards are on only the right side works would this be something similar?
Where would it be in a gmc C series box truck
Where did you find the info? I've been looking and losing my mind. thank you so much for making this video. '06 silverado 2500hd
Hi! Thanks, that was very helpfull, i will do the same on my Chevy Express 2500! From one Day to the other Day it didnt flashing no more, also the Hazard Flasher didnt work!! Thanks again, Regards from Germany!!
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