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Replace ignition switch on Rover 618

Electrical & Lights Technician
George Wilson
You ask how to remove ignition switch in your automobile, I’ll show you quick tips how to replace ignition switch the right way!
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Comments on how to fix ignition switch on a Rover 618:
Thanks! I've had this issue for a while and this was a quick and easy fix. No more issues starting the car!
thank you very informative
Cat hairs. Just a guess.
i had this problem with my truck and havent cared enough to fix it so ive been starting it with a pliars for probably 2 years now. i think of it as anti-theift because nobody knows how to start it. plus i love being able to take my keys out and without shutting my truck off during the winter. No Keys Pliars To Start!!! ya bitches
Pwede cdi reider ikabit smash boss
Thanks bro!! saved me a ton of time! Kudos..
5:27 you skipped major step... how to remove white electrical plug
i have a silver 2000 buick regal ls and none of my lights show on my dash. the gas gauge is all messed up. it switches side to side. when i have more than half of a tank the gauge stays on full then around half of a tank its always on low. im never sure when i need to get gas. but im pretty sure thats in the gas tank. i do really need to fix my dashboard. its all messed up.
Thanks for your help ☺
Stupid video 
Ha you’re awesome. Couldn’t work out out why my transit would start watched this video, changed the switch. Now works fine. Fu*cking A dude
Does this include Manual Transmissions?
Good job bro, I'm here turning back my support, stay safe and God bless
Exact same thing going on right now!! 2003 buick regal. Exact same thing!
The part is called 'Ignition Actuator' it is now found in the HELP sections of auto part stores. I am replacing mine right now just deciding where to cut the tip off!
I have a 1998 Grand Marquis. I need some help on finding the constant wire and ignition switch color please help.
Just made a quick basic video of how to it. This was my first video I did on here.
I have a cubcadet rzt 50 an someone cut an removed the wires an I need to know what wire goes where on the switch
Se puede hacer lo mismo con la pieza puesta, igual destraba el seguro del volante o se tiene que quitar a mi se me trajo la llave y no gira, se quedó con el seguro del volante estoy tratando de quitarla sin romper el cilindro gracias
i have a 2007 pt cruiser my car seems to have ... turning on its not the battery its perfect it seems to be clicking and sounding to have ... turning on but after a few tries it soon turns on and works good would it be the starter or the switch? help please
so did the blinking of check engine light go away? i'm facing the same issue in my mazdaspeed 6
04 TJ, ran fine, next day key on, dash lights, no start...replaced ignition and actuator, still no crank...
Just had car towed, a scan revealed no relay, or starter issues. Thought for a moment it was the antitheft ECU harness, but saw this video first...glad I did, the moment I popped the ignition switch the broken actuator piece fell right out. Did not even consider it before I saw this video, great post.
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