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Reparing rubber metal buffer on Land Rover Discovery

Suspension Professional
Anthony Hernandez
You ask how to install rubber metal buffer in your auto, you can see the information how to change rubber metal buffer when it's time!
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How long can rubber last on a Land Rover Discovery?

Rubber Material Recommended Shelf Life
Natural Rubber 3 - 5 years
SBR 3 - 5 years
Neoprene 5 - 10 years
EPDM 5 - 10 years

How does rubber affect health?

Occupational exposures in the rubber-manufacturing industry cause leukaemia, lymphoma, and cancers of the urinary bladder, lung, and stomach. Also, a positive association has been observed between occupational exposures in the rubber-manufacturing industry and cancers of the prostate, oesophagus, and larynx.

Is recycled rubber toxic on a Land Rover Discovery?

Recycled tire rubber contains numerous toxic chemicals including styrene, a chemical that is neurotoxic and a likely human carcinogen, butadiene-a proven human carcinogen linked to leukemia and lymphoma and lead and cadmium which are also neurotoxic.

What is rubber processing on a Land Rover Discovery?

Rubber processing consists of four basic steps: mastication, when the elastomer is sheared and the molecules are broken down to give easier flow, mixing, usually carried out immediately after mastication, when additives are incorporated, shaping of the viscous mass, for example, by extrusion or molding, and.

How do you maintain rubber on a 2023 Land Rover Discovery?

Use a diluted, mild, alkaline cleaner (7 pH to 8 pH) with warm water for accumulated dirt or oily residues. Do not leave a residue of cleaner on your rubber flooring. Rinse the floor with clean, cold water. Then, again, vacuum or dry-mop the excess moisture as quickly as possible.

Does rubber have lead in it on a Land Rover Discovery?

Researchers examined lead levels in the soil, sand, mulch, or rubber surfaces in 28 Boston playgrounds. They found that rubber surfaces often had lead levels that averaged two or three times higher than levels in the other materials, according to a May 7, 2019 Reuters article.
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Comments on how to fix rubber metal buffer on a Land Rover Discovery:
One known problem is the air dryer can split between the two fittings and cause the suspension to raise slowly,
A very common repair in older vehicles- especially LRs, but really nice to see this out there to help encourage others to fix it themselves! Another great video Steve.
Ohh dude, always you awesome me with your clean updates. Thanks for share and congrats for your truck
Cheers guys. Needed an oil filter wrench to take it off but easy job and no need to remove the wheel either.
what a place to put a fuel filter??
you don't need to use a flare wrench..
Wow the teeth in that ratchet are strong, many a ratchet broken by using it like this, i always have a 1 drive and 3 drive breaker bar with scaffold pole extension
There's a guy on eBay fixes the xyz switch for a fraction of the price
i've been having a few problems with mine, flashing the m and s on dash now and again. but today wouldnt go off. so took the gear selector off and opened it up, was no water in it, just one of the connectors was dirty on the inside. cleaned it, back on and bobs ye uncle all normal. 10 mins to get off and 10 mins to get back. 20 mins opening and cleaning and back together. easy job
hello. my defender 110 font caliper seals are leaking. how can cost an new brake caliper or can i rebuild it. please answer
Молодец! Настоящий инженер!
love the videos. do you have video on how to change the camshaft and crankshaft sensors? location of where they are?
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Hi guys, i do have a concern about that 45° rear ball joint, it looks like it's dropping the nose of the diff as you said, but technically speaking, it looks wrong to me, your black disco diff angle is the right way to be. For a front diff on solid axle, different story coz would be needed to drop the noze back to 'factory angle' to avoid Castor angle out of specs. Which increases the angle of the front prop shaft UJ but there is nothing we can do about it. Don't get me wrong i love you show and awesome builds, looking forward to watch your new videos
Gotta take care of yourself cobber. If ya dont who'd finish the truck? And we cant have that now can we What a brilliant effort and mods. As the other fella's are saying 'çant wait to see her roll'! Take care and cheers for sharing!
I always thought those crankshaft pulley nuts were super tight. Did you just keep the car in a high gear when loosening it off? When you did it back up, was it with a 3 sized socket rather than the 1 type and torque wrench?