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Reparing MG RV8 bump stop

Suspension Specialist
Andrew Hall
If you want to know how to change bump stop in your car, you can see the information about bump stop replacement by yourself!
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Comments on how to fix bump stop on a MG RV8:
so u race ur car and work on it? I need be like u. def tied everything in for me with this video. my boy fa-bri-cat-ing and en-gi-neer-ing. ik its just a splitter but such an eye opener
Fantastic video, thank you for the commentary! What tyres and tyre sizes were you running that day?
I like to use fish tank air tube for this. It has a larger inner diameter making it easier to slip onto the shock shafts. I must admit, I died a little when you used those pliers on the bare shaft.
Makes sure you get good enough penetration on your welds. What’s kind of welder are you using might need to upgrade
Oxi KKKKK que merda é essa mano
Turbo yoda!
use a Sawzall blade to cut that both stop by you got to use a blade that can cut metal it should take you about 45 minutes to cut both sides have what you going to do you're going to take it. bump stop off first when you make the cut by the gas tank don't go all the way in get half way to work almost touches but don't
I built it
What if i already have a 2 drop but i want to do that in the back?
Hell it even could be the lower control arm bushings.
Great video. I’m about to install mine.
Thank you for passing your info.
what if you put the new bump stop in the bracket and then just drove off? would the control arm moving up push it into place?
Same noise on my civic, turned out to be coil springs catching on suspension strut where they sit in the cup., my mechanic put plastic sleeves over ends of coil spring (a lot of cars have these anyway) and it cured it. Cheap fix but took a while to find the source. Noise only happened when reversing turning left followed by louder one turning right.
the old tape ran off trick i like the bump stop how much were they from the wrecker
If the engine is not a high revving engine and has a ton of low end, then I don't understand why the turbo? Aren't they more intended for high revving applications like a motor-boat or a sea doo doo, snow blower, etc? I am not anti-turbo, just I see them more for F1 cars or vehicles that do a LOT of highway driving as opposed to city driving, much like the difference between on & off road... Tight Track Grip Race cars are better with superchargers when the cars spend most of their time in the low end shifting a lot from all the tight turns and short sections... vs F1 that doesn't drop below 200~ Supercharger vs Turbo is like the difference between Automatic & Manual as for a finer control mechanism.. Turbo takes a moment to kick in which can 'disturb' your momentum when it does... like an Automatic on a turn... Particularly on Icy Roads... Automatic are great for Off-Road though because they dampen the unexpected forces applied to drivetrain when going off-road.. Manual are great for low powered vehicles also.. I ramble too much.. This 'bud' is for You!
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