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Reparing dust cap on Shuanghuan Sceo

Suspension Specialist
Anthony Hernandez
You ask how to change dust cap in your vehicle, you can see instructions how to replace dust cap the right way!
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Comments on how to fix dust cap on a Shuanghuan Sceo:
Heavy duty!! Nice!
Reasons for a dust cap: Dust, smoke, humidity, bugs, pets, kids.
Makes sense. Air doesn't attract dust. Hydraulic fluid, on the other hand...
Bro...creta has h4 connector?
nice lancer bro always wanted one beast clean looking truck too
They need to try harder, lmao, still a terrible sub. I'd never recomend anyone to buy anything Rockville...
I wonder if Harborfreaight would have your dust cap.
MAN!!! AWeSOmE!!!
How to cleaning the speakers?? if my speaker doesn't comes with dust cap,which way do you recommend it without getting harm to speaker?
Wow, I'm a bit surprised to hear that having no dust cap doesn't make a whole lot of difference. Especially in sealed box speakers! Essentially you're making the speaker ported in some sense, when the cap is missing. How can this not affect the sound? Also in ported speakers, the sound would change if you add another hole to the box. I guess I'd have to try to find out, I just don't have a speaker lying around right now to try it O:-)
The thing here is you made a hole in headlight mud Cover from which waste and other things will enter into headlight
'schmuts'? Spelled how in English? In Swedish it's smuts but I didn't knew it was used in English =P
how much you pay for the battery cous i have a 2500 amp vmax?
Alibaba as matado a un monstruo de los de Yusei fudo del yugioh 5D
The Visaton w130x uses a metal plate as dustscape. This is to create more weight.
then would you touch them with a 20 foot pole? i would.
nothing wrong with fusion. their powerplant series is mad shit and it is rly underestimated... they are rly nice and i love mine.
How did you punch a hole in dust caps? I mean with what tools etc.?
'really gets pissed' love it, what a way to describe touching it lol.
Could you please place the dust cap beside a 4 month old kitten so we can get a better idea of scale?
Thanks for all the comments. Over 1000 hours of labor went into the construction and fabrication of this wall, and it is nasty loud too!!!
whats is the name of the song
Great idea to 3D print the tool! I've done that in a pinch before
Thanks for the tip!
wow that turned out really well. very nice man!
Can u do a video at night
I’m at 2:03. Has he answered the question yet?
Funny dust cap story. My friend dragged over a pair of Event 20 powered studio monitors with poly drivers and caps. Anyway, one was missing a cap (that one sounded fine) and the one WITH a cap was highly distorted (or worse) at any reasonable volume level or higher (okay?? if at low volume). The voice coil measured good, decent match for coil dcR and coil inductance to the 'good' one. Also, it didn't rub. It was a 'head scratcher' and maybe a new $ speaker to repair. Last chance for something we might be able to repair... maybe an intermittant connection from the tinsel to the voice coil that needed to be resoldered. The cap need to be removed to do that. Discover the 'loose' cap in the process. Weirdness starts here: It turned out the cap was partially unglued (not obvious) and acting like a check valve. The speaker motion could pump air 'out' of the magnet motor thru the unglued part of the cap on the speaker's backstroke... but the cap reseated tightly on the glue line and wouldn't let air back in on the forward stroke. Play it loud and the cone's average position kept moving back until something was hitting (suspect the coil former was hitting the bottom of the magnet annulus. So... two new matching caps and a tube of glue later... they were as good as ever.
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