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Repair Smart Forfour Brabus clutch cable

Transmission Professional
Donald Johnson
You ask how to install clutch cable in your car, I’ll show you the information how to install clutch cable by yourself!
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Comments on how to fix clutch cable on a Smart Forfour Brabus:
Love all the information and explanation for us Beginners out here. Much Love!
Hey what a smart time saving, hassle saving move! Excellent!
Probably the most to-the-point video & helpful except it wouldve been better if you spoke instead of using on screen text instructions.
Taryl, you rock
You ducking suck you don't even go fast
Hi, Stuart. I also used this video to guide me while installing the Triumph Accessories clutch cable bracket and your tips helped ensure that the job only took the claimed 5 minutes to complete. Again, thank you very much for your videos. You are quickly becoming my go-to channel for 'T120 How-to'.
sir i 20 diesel ka rpm 3 par ja k engine off ho jata hai plz reason btado mai theek karvalo gaddi off hai abhi
Bah tingu dulu tukar kabel clutch moto
Sell all the original controllers on eBay, the aftermarket ones do something destructive with them :D
Mi caso es el siguiente, el clutch estaba ajustado de manera que teniendo el pedal a fondo se sacaba aprox 2 pulgadas y embragaba, pero hace 2 días no me entraban bien las velocidades, tenía que ejercer fuerza para que entraran, por lo que decidí darle ajuste, ahora embraga un poco después de donde acaba el juego del pedal (donde se empieza a sentir tensión) pero las velocidades entran muy bien, me recomiendas llevarlo que se lo ajusten correctamente o que onda? Saludos!
Sorry we just did the cable and now it’s not starting
Nice video
Great video
Thank you, I’ve already forgotten what I have to do.
Is it reliable to lubricate the throtle tube?
Mera gear bhi thora hard tha to mey gear oil aur wd 40 mila ke injection se gear ka jo cable ke rubber hub cover hota he waha se inject kya tha kuch problem hoga?? Kuch problem hoga to kya us cable ko khol ke kaise clean karunga??
If you have the older one like I do, you can just drill a small hole in it and put a set screw in to lock it in place! We figured this out 5 minutes after testing it hehe. The 2 positions on the quadrant, I know the instructions tell you where to put it depending on the adjuster. But, you can use either. The proper one right at the firewall gives you a more stock feel that allows you to feather the clutch out of the hole. The other attachment is for quick release. And it is super quick release, you have maybe a 1 inch of full clutch with that attachment. It still works, but driving it on the street is brutal. Every time you pop the clutch it just snatches, looks like you have 1k HP and can barely hold it lol. Better suited for strip only where you wanna launch at 4k + with a built rear end.
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