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Repair Fengxing Future SX6 strut mounting

Suspension Professional
Steven Robinson
If you want to know how to replace strut mounting in your car, you can see the manual how to replacing strut mounting with no problem!
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Comments on how to fix strut mounting on a Fengxing Future SX6:
This is a great explanation of the problem and how to solve. Just a quick note, seal the new plate when you fit it as I had a water leak which wasn't found for a while as other areas were looked at first. Thanks again.
Well Done Young Man.
This video has given me peace. I can't believe it took me years to figure out what that was in my Saturn. I've changed just about everything else in the front end at this point.
Sepertinya ud ketinggalan awak untuk mendapatkan giveway dari Suhu ini...:)
hey what if you went with a 20' wheel and 45 sidewall ratio wheel? the wheel wells look pretty big i think maybe the 20's might fill it up a little better... it looks good regardless:)
Where is manufactured parts which i can buy in serbia? Is it original, i mean, is it same quality fabi parts made in germany or turkey, chine...?
Om apa cukup dengan dongkrak ban saja? Kalau mesin apa harus di dongrak juga gak?
Geiles Video
where you ordered it?
great job
Looks like a fun shop to work at.
Good video bro!!! Really friendly shop, bro do a video of your tool box, a tour
Türkçe çeviri ile videolar yapın!!
great stuff, thanks dude!
That car is rusted as ... The bushings looked pretty good, I don't think you had to change them. Was installing the sway bar links easy???
GoPro Rocks! So does kitesurfing. But Snowkiting is more hard core!
Ich liebe Ihre Filme (3
Mit wieviel Drehmoment hast du die Schrauben festgezogen? Und spürt man den Unterschied einer Domstrebe?
I think looks very functional. Im a family man myself.
Hast Du eine Ausbauanleitung für die Sitze, bzw. für das Alufarbene Teil an der Rücklehne? Würde das gerne lackieren lassen...
Nice piece.
What made you pick the RSR Springs vs the Mann Springs?
Hi Ian, Thanks for posting this video. I have a 2018 XT and was wondering how are your struts holding up? There was some discussion on the Forester forums about the factory struts leaking after installation of aftermarket springs. Have you found a new part source?
what for kite is that?
Precise work! How many torque is appropriate to tighten the suspension screw and front strut bar screw? Thanks a lot!
Looking good! Whenever you go for coilovers keep me in mind for reselling the rsr's!
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