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Repair FAW B70 suspension shock or strut

Suspension Technician
Donald Johnson
Wondering how to install suspension shock or strut in your automobile, you can see tips how to install suspension shock or strut step by step!
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How often should struts be replaced?

Like all other automobile parts and systems, shocks and struts have a specific maintenance schedule. Auto repair experts say that generally they should be replaced between every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the wear and tear they have received.

Does a FAW B70 2021 have shocks or struts?

The average cost for a FAW B70 suspension shock or strut replacement is between $317 and $400. Labor costs are estimated between $317 and $400. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location.

How do you check a FAW B70 suspension?

FAW B70-Benz W212 Suspension Diagnostic & Maintenance Guide. An inspection to see if the bushing is cracking when you pry it it should move a little bit but if you see heavy cracking or if it's fully separated.

What do shocks do on a FAW B70?

A vital component to your FAW B70's suspension are the shocks. The shocks are designed to absorb the rebounding energy generated by the spring. They're an important part to maintaining a flat even ride for the occupants, as it absorbs the bumps and holes in the terrain.

How do you take the front off of a Smart car on a FAW B70 2022?

Smart Car ForTwo W450 Front Bumper Panel Removal. - So there's some bolts on the door shut which your first ones to take off and they're like so this or self-tapping or to get a focus right.

How much is it to fix the suspension in a 2020 FAW B70?

The average cost for a FAW B70 suspension shock or strut replacement is between $394 and $461. Labor costs are estimated between $133 and $168 while parts are priced between $261 and $293.

Can I replace shocks and struts myself on a FAW B70?

Once the old shocks and struts have been removed, you can simply replace the new ones. Make sure that you tighten all of the bolts securely. You will probably need a torque wrench to do this. Put the wheels back on the vehicle and you're ready to test it out.

How long do shocks last on Mini Cooper on a FAW B70 2021?

By 60,000 miles almost 85% of its ability to control the springs are gone. While your mileage, as they say, may vary, there are very few OE shocks out there working at near 100% of their original capacity at 85K miles.

How much does it cost to replace shocks and struts on a FAW B70 2021?

The average cost for FAW B70 Shocks and Struts Replacement is $514.

Do shocks improve ride on a FAW B70?

The springs in your vehicle's suspension do most of the shock damping. The shocks and struts improve the ride and reduce the bouncing caused by springs compressing and releasing so you don't go boing-boing down the road.
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