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Removing Tesla Model 3 rubber metal buffer

Suspension Professional
Steven Robinson
Wondering how to install rubber metal buffer in your automobile, you can see tips how to install rubber metal buffer DIY!
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Comments on how to fix rubber metal buffer on a Tesla Model 3:
Does this video apply to a 2010 with a 3.9 engine?
Thanks for your B8 videos. Just bought a 2010 A4 Quattro and was looking to change all fluids and filters among other things so these really helped.
Good to know. Thanks!
2000hrs meh kitna paisa kama kr de dia esne
Bob or Doug McKenzie???
Ben Sullins contradicts himself. He says that the screen with the directions is distracting yet he wants more safety features when you are not supposed to be looking at anything but the road while your driving. For the past 5 years, I have been driving myself and work, I have used Google voice command for directions, confirmed the destination and let the voice navigate me to my destination. Never once was I misdirected or given bad prompts. Old fashioned habits never work well with sophisticated tech. Keep that in mind.
What can cause my car to be hesitant while im driving
very cool stuff mate. im in the same boat keep frying cables from heat having bug extractors and no room to adjust etc. wish i had your skills and PATIENCE to do it
Very good vid,your clutch lining has too much friction pads, is that a defect?.In Trinidad we get linings with three pads only.
How do I remove the air in my coolant lines for my 2004 Oldsmobile Silhouette with the 3.4 PFI engine?
Terrific video. My repair was going just as yours until I removed the transmission bolts. The clutch shaft would not - and will not - separate from the outer basket drive tube. I've removed as much of the smaller top seal as possible - drenched both shaft and tube with PB blaster and pounded the top of the clutch shaft - (the end with the gear teeth) - with a sledge. It simply will not budge. As in 'welded together'. Every video I've watched shows the clutch shaft sliding out from the basket drive tube with little effort. I'm at a loss right now. Called Appliance Parts Pros twice and, while courteous, could provide nothing beyond what I've tried, already. Can you assist? Thanks, Jack
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Enter me
Nice job! Never get rid of that direct drive, it is the best washer one could have. One of the reasons why the main tub seal doesn't go bad often is because unlike the seals for the agitator shaft and the spin tube, that one isn't on any moving parts. Like you said though, if you have it all apart to replace said seals, you may as well replace the main one too. Can't hurt anything. You could also inspect those white wear pads that you mentioned about towards the end, but based on how the machine was when operating, they're probably fine. Glad you got the 6-padded spin clutch! When removing the spin tube, you can easily get it out by turning the brake cam counterclockwise to release the pads, makes it much easier! Same with reinstalling it too. Smart idea to grease the brake assembly too so the pads move easier. You're probably the first person I've seen do that. Unsure why your tub spring brackets are so rusty. But you can always get replacements if ever needed.
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