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Removing exhaust manifold gasket on Smart Forfour

Intake & Exhaust Specialist
Ronald Anderson
You want to know how to remove exhaust manifold gasket in your auto, learn how to replace exhaust manifold gasket by your hands!
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Comments on how to fix exhaust manifold gasket on a Smart Forfour:
New problem! There must be a vacuum leak, when I start it up it runs wide open on the highest rev!
What software is that? Love it!
Drove mine to the muffler shop with just the header. Seven miles away and no emission laws in the state I live in. I would have to agree about the kick down cable it was a pain in
I have a hundred sixty thousand on a 02 prism that has been sitting for like a year is it worth fixing... It needs struts brakes batt exhaustanifold gasket
Always put some rtv on the left side where the black lines are. 71 inch pounds torque for the bolts.
Working on the ole 109!
TRcustomengineering yea :) i have a lot to do, and not a whole lot of time to do it... though I'm sure i won't be done by the end of april... i still need to get this thing inspected haha! that would be awesome man, what size turbo do you have? i also gotta figure out what to do about getting oil to the ct26... don't really want to drain the garret into the ct26... but i might have to... the ct26 is a bottom feed and drain turbo...
My 73 Riviera does this same thing, but followed by a ton of smoke from the heat riser vent
another great video keep them coming
im not trying to make better power are anything I just want to fix the truck for some reason 0630 heads are few without cracks
Wish I had your skills man.
Unequal also promotes better spooling. Older Subarus should also be tuned when going to equal cause you're changing exhaust characteristics.
gawd damn that oil leak
Great job!! Couple of tips though... Next time don't rev the engine like that when the engine is cold.. If you ever get to rebuild the engine again disconnect the distributor and crank the engine so that it rotates a few times and everything sits correctly.. Other than that, great job!
I want to run this, but it does not pair up with the fast intentions high flow cats (I'm in Oregon, they test every 2 years). For those that don't want to run the z1 hfc (excessive complaints online about rasp in many videos online as well) or test pipes, what other options exist? Is this just really a question of finding a shop to custom weld a flange to the FI HFC to mate up with the z1 headers? What have others done? FI only offers longtube intakes. Not sure about motorodyne craftsmanship...
My kit came with o rings
Rumble for life! Damn the cons!
Hi! My TDI Audi start to sound like this. Is this sounds like metalic friction? I only can hear it somthimes when the engine is cold and I press the clutch after haevy acceleration. When I press the clutch and the speed is constant, there's no sound. I was suspected on turbine. It's difficult to catch it. I drive it to my mechanic but offcorse we can't hear any of it. Is yours maked that sound on cold engine and pressing the chluch after acceleration? Thanks.
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