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Remove adjustment motor on Rolls Royce Ghost

Electrical & Lights Professional
Kenneth Wright
You ask how to replace adjustment motor in your vehicle, you can see the quick review how to remove adjustment motor very easy and efficient way!
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Comments on how to fix adjustment motor on a Rolls Royce Ghost:
thanks Can you post a video of fixing the motor?
Good to see you back Tommy! I Hope you keep them coming!
Thank you so much for taking time to explain this adjustement. If I understand well, the center engine mount is tighten when you proceed, right?
awesome showing of how do do the job. You sound like you are always out of breath though. lol. thanks!
That was a very large help. It was very thorough and to the point. I am usually working on single cylinder motors, so this was reassuring for the situation.
You are the man! Video was very helpful thank you!
33 thumbs up
Hey bud sorted that headlight thanks for the advice it was a great help i had to hold the projector and put in the motor in at the same time it took time and a few swear words
Good job!!!
lack of power or acceleration. why? it was fine yesterday! today no. what is the issue PLEASE!
Good very good
Quick and easy diag gotta love those! Thanks for the share bro! Glad to have you back!
Masha Allah good work Brother Allah Taala Ap ko Khoosh Rakhey.
Mr Schaeffer what carburetor intake manifold and distributor are u using I just got me a four door Box need some help on it. it only has 92 thousand on it but it runs sloppy. appreciate some help please... Big Bam.
thank you sir for your informative video
Thanks a lot, I was searching for this for hours
RiceSi Knocking? The valve train is a lot quieter than before. Any chatter you do hear at the end of the video is normal.
wat is a good website site to order shi.s? exhaust is out of special it should be 22mm but it's 43mm
I got the same engine but I need a crankshaft
I've been trying to adjust my clutch for two years. Researched on the internet, read manuals and reached out on Honda forums. One video from you guys put it all into perspective. Bike shifts like a new bike. Thank you!
Have a nice day. What is the size of the iron pressurized by the valve. Could you give information
very useful video.. thanks!
I can’t seem to find the screw. Any tips?
Easy money. Love it
This is so timely because I've been pounding my head against the wall for the last week with this exact clutch pop issue. Turns out I was tightening when I should've loosened on the lifter! Thanks for taking the time and effort to post these guide videos.
Sir mere pass bhe tata nano hai meri nano me bhe rpm ki problem aya rahi hai please sir solve my problem sir sir please drop your contact number sir me 2months se pareshan hu sir please sir solve my problem sir
So could you please show me on the headlight you have took apart thank you because I might be able to fix ya see cheers
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