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MINI One 1 Cabrio camshaft replacing

Engine Professional
Steven Robinson
If you ask how to remove camshaft in your car, you can see the video tutorial how to change camshaft DIY!
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Comments on how to fix camshaft on a MINI One 1 Cabrio:
Cylinder heads always go to the machine shop as well as any block work.
vary helpful video thanks
Kia Rio 2012, throwing codes P0014, took the solenoid out was really dirty cleaned it with carb cleaner and a air compressor stuck in back in, started the engine check engine light went off inmenditly thank you!
cams are for n but it will work dependin on your set up and what kind of racing you are doing
Today has to be Sunday because my eyes have been blessed!
Thanks man!
so what was the HP gain from these cams?
I like the 6.2, but don’t want to spring for the premium fuel.
I used a clean rag to cover the oil opening. Great video.
U can make that much hp out of the 5.7 for wayyyy cheaper
Replaced fuel pump fuel filter strainer fuel assembly. And still no start. Plug in diagnostic tool and it doesn’t even come on. It’s been almost four months. Checked relays fuses and still nothing. Please help. Any advice welcome. Godspeed
Thanks for this video. We want to know how we can setup the piston on crankshaft.
Saludos desde colombia yeffri buen video amigo
I have an 1980 2.3 4 Cyl manual Cobra what i have to do to swap an 302 V8 what i need Thx to everyone that will help me
Your videos is not professionally explained, this should be audio explanation, oga next time of you want to make videos about cars fixing, run a real video of you working it so that people will learn and subscribe to your channel like the whites, make una grow up naija.
They're at about $7k for stage 3 without that electric water pump...
Great video! Thanks a lot! I have an Audi TT 1.8T quattro, BAM from 2002 (225hp) and i need to remove the gaskets under the camshaft tensioner. I need to decrease tension to the camshaft chain to remove the camshaft tensioner. Please tell me what is the name of that key you used. Thanks a lot!
I dropped the 8 mm and cant find it any idea where it could have landed? It's not under the car and it fell out while I was trying to screw it in
Nice work. I missed what year your truck is but No. 4 is an MDS cylinder. No surprise there, eh? On my 08 5.7L Hemi Jeep Grand Cherokee it's no 7 that is showing a tick with the stethoscope. Trying to decide what to do...
I have a question With a p0016 code after having the head gasket replaced... The 10 journey 2.4 is in limp mode which it was not when I dropped it off nor was the check engine light on. There is a tick in the motor knowing that it has buckets not lifters it has to be the phasers. That being said Since the dealer put it all back together Broke a ton of stuff in the process like ripping off the splash shield. missing bolts etc... So I am trying to fix the primary issue it has now... Well when using the all data diy repair specs for the phaser it says remove the tensioner plug next it tells me to Insert small allen wrench through timing tensioner plug hole and lift (2)(picture that makes no sense) upward to release the tensioner and push allen wrench inward. Leave the allen wrench installed during the remainder of this procedure. well it does not seem to catch anything in there at all tried the standard 8mm and went up and down nothing. So what am I doing wrong to catch the tensioner?
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