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Installing BYD G3R insulation

Body Technician
Paul Lewis
If you ask how to replace insulation in your automobile, you can see the manual about insulation replacement step by step!
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Comments on how to fix insulation on a BYD G3R:
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Hi, well gauges didn't fly up and down prior to the diagnostics guy fiddling (barely) with the wire surface. But it kept going into ASR limp mode 8 engine starts. May I add that there became lots of black smoke also when igniting. The ASR LM may well be the wiring of the EA throttle unit, or the circuit board inside the unit. As far as acting up or loosing power; the car has acted up when passing car. Kickdown is applied, maximum throttle, and thereby a jerking in accelleration around
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Honestly i wouldnt even bother stuffing the batting in the holes and nooks unless you can easily get it back out again. Just slap thin ISO poly over the holes.
one of the best conversions i've seen so far
Good job Papa! Did it help?
And BAM just like that it was done :)
I thought of using this stuff. But the Wool is R20 value without anything else...
Man have some real content in the videos the ideas and process are good, but get to the point and cut the chit chat.
It’ll help a ton if you get a dehumidifier. I live on a Catalina 30 in San Francisco Bay and the dehumidifier is a silver bullet. It also circulates the warm air from the heater.
how did you do the insulation?
You don't need to fill the channels with insulation. The heat or cold will flow right through the metal and bypass all the insulation. I think you should tap over the hole to prevent airflow but skip the time it take to stuff them.
bob is this a H1 L1 model? curious as I would like to modify one, unsure whether to get the bigger
You two are my dream. Awesome work. I want to hire you.
Your link for contact cement is a repeat of the mat link.
Get and automatic start. It will run for 20 minutes and cut off. Can push button on keys from bed. Easy
Your videos are great! Could you please post another video about the van design I’m getting ready to build out my Ford transit and I would like to model it off of yours.
how did you change the ignition from 240v i could hear the ticking as you turned it on.??
Will this insulation be warm enough during winter in snowy mountain??
Are the Dodo Dead Mat sheets heavy? Do you have to think about the weight you are adding with all the sheets or is that not an issue?
you guys are great, love the build. But...that's not how reflectix works. Whatever side the shiny side is laid down, you have to allow at least 1 inch of a buffer zone, or you merely create a thermal bridge. Essentially you've trapped heat in the van the way you've done it, and conducted it in as well. There are several really good insulation youtubes about this.
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