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Installing anti roll bar bush on Dongfeng Loadhopper

Suspension Professional
Kenneth Wright
If you want to know how to change anti roll bar bush in your vehicle, take a look how to replace anti roll bar bush by yourself!
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How do I know if my drop link has gone on a Dongfeng Loadhopper?

How to tell if your sway bar links are bad - In our case Joe the other guy here going to show you today how to check your sway bar end links in the car a very common noise is the clunk. Sounds like something way worse underneath the car. Very.

Can you drive with damaged anti-roll bar?

Although it is still possible to drive with a faulty anti-roll bar, the safest thing to do is to replace or repair the parts as soon as you can to avoid an accident or a costly MOT failure.

How do you test sway bar bushings?

What A Bad Sway Bar Bushing Sounds Like & How To Replace Now if you grab the bar and move it back and forth. You see that. That's sitting against the frame over there it's making noise whenever you hit a bump.

Do you need anti-roll bar?

The anti-roll bar works to resist roll, as its name suggests. But it has one other super-important role - it acts as a second spring to add spring stiffness at the tire, but only in cornering. In racing, we want stiff springs that will help us maintain maximum grip at the tire contact patch for cornering.

Can I drive with a broken anti-roll bar link on a Dongfeng Loadhopper?

Since the link keeps all the inner parts held in place, a broken sway bar link can result in other problems. So, there is nothing stopping you from driving your car with a broken sway bar link, except the risk of serious accidents.

What does a sway bar bushing do?

Sway bar bushings are small but important suspension components that are easily diagnosed and easily replaced, yet a surprising number of vehicles have either missing or worn-out sway bar components. The sway bar helps combat body roll in corners, and helps keep the wheels planted firmly on the asphalt.

How many bushes does a car have on a Dongfeng Loadhopper?

Most cars use one or two control arms per wheel, on both the front and rear suspension, with each arm housing two bushings. Many front-wheel-drive cars employ only the use of a lower control arm, whereas most bakkies and SUVs have both an upper and lower control arm.

How much does replacing a sway bar cost?

The average cost for stabilizer bar link kit replacement is between $105 and $149. Labor costs are estimated between $44 and $56 while parts are priced between $61 and $93. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location.

Do sway bars affect ride quality?

Does sway bars affect ride quality? Sway bars do nothing unless the car is leaned side to side. Your ride quality will remain the same if both sides of the suspension move at the same speed. In the corners however, the car will feel much better.

How do you remove a suspension bush on a Dongfeng Loadhopper?

The correct way to remove a rubber suspension bushing with a torch is to slowly heat up the bushing from the outside. Using the torch to heat the housing that contains the bushing will eventually cause the rubber to boil, breaking its chemical bond with the outer metal shell.
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Iv just bought an arden thats only got 22k on it running 260ish with pipe work, exhaust, induction etc. Not mapped like but im up Carlisle way bud. I have one of these bars in my boot that i bought the car with to to be fitted... mint vid, helped loads matey mint, cheers!
Nice nova :)
cheers Jamie mate its a million miles away from stock turn in response is unreal, must say im having fun with it
Best mod for a meriva a as well, did this to mine a while back, night and day difference, I found the astra h rarb fits same as, it is 24mm but whiteline now do a specific meriva a one now, but 20mm, I'm putting on a custom 25mm front one too, has vxr suspension already.
When putting the 3 torx bolts back in how do you know the bracket goes back in the same place? Aren’t the hole slotted? Done my bushes last year and I’m convinced one of my rear wheels looks further forward that the other side
Has Scott got a new car?
Remember when I had my astra vxr these were hard as f* to get a hold off so never drove one with a rarb fitted
Where did you get the poly osha's from
Does this make a difference if one uses PU instead of factory oem bushings for this part?
i feel your pain man...its tough sometimes being the family mechanic
Cheers mate, clear and concise. Against your advice, I've ordered some powerflex ones 'cos they are only 25 quid. 4.50 x 6 is 27 quid, so using your own calculation, it's worth it at that price with the time saved.
What about an 08?
In my opinion the top end is mounted wrong. There is a washer too much.
Salam bro.. nak tanya Persona boleh masuk tak set brake evo4 ni
Drop links I think
The gearbox is not noisier with the flywheel fixed?
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Hello, What settings you have the anti roll bars?
A really good idea renewing all the fixing bolts, the rubber bush bolts could be replaced with stainless ones, that may make it easier next time. I think this must be J-P s own Defender! Chris B.
French build must have a diff power steering pipe layout as on the wife's Japanese Built 2000 Yaris there is a pair of powersteering hardlines right above the rear bush bolt on the drivers side, only thing that I could see that *might* get access to that bolt would be a flare nut spanner but it might be too thick to get in...and I'm not disconnecting the entire powersteering pipework...pass enger side replaced, drivers side looks to be in good shape and ARB no longer moves by hand. Not ideal, but a lot of work to get access