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How to test wheel bolt on RAM Promaster 1500

Steering Professional
Ronald Anderson
You ask how to install wheel bolt in your car, I’ll show you the review how to change wheel bolt with no problem!
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Comments on how to fix wheel bolt on a RAM Promaster 1500:
when i go to take off the truck spudders and the light on the right which is the traction control light starts blinking and then it'll finally catch and go. then sometimes the abs light and traction light together will stay on and then the truck runs perfect the whole time.
How did you figure out which ABS sensor it was?
I can’t get mine off the connection, it won’t disconnect
How did you reset the ABS light in the dashboard?
How much was that part
Thanks for not showing the work, much appreciated now i feel like i can do it myself.
how was your truck acting before the sensors went bad?
Where did you get the bolt replacements?
బ్రో బోల్ట్స్ నీ fit అండ్ లూజ్ చేయవచ్చా cost ఎంత బ్రో❤️❤️
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0:22 Well yes but actually no He's just the third fastest driver ever in F1. 1° is Senna 2° is M. Schumacher
I need to find the right tires for my 2002 Subaru it has 205 but I want wider tires
I think you're doing a fantastic job in comparison to the majority of the 3000gt community. Glad to see one getting some work done and modified tastefully. Keep up the good work and enjoy the car!
love the saab content, spray the bolts black.
Comparing apple with oranges. I guess the important thing to realize is that the forged comes out stronger, and therefore you don't need the same amount of mass for it to be strong and meet the specs. On the other hand with the cast you must retain thickness to meet the specs, and therefore it has to come heavier.
Damn I already got down to less interesting videos, now just looking forward to new uploads. Regarding VW bolts, I'm from EU and drive a Golf, have a 21 year old VW Passat in family too, its still on original bolts (and everything else) with summer wheels change every year. Golf also ... free except nav antenna replacement. Both cars made in Wolfsburg though. Regarding 3 bolts riding, somebody stole 2 bolts from my Golf couple of years ago (probably going for the wheels but ran out of time or muscle since I overtorque those) and I didnt notice it for couple of days. Drove 110mph highway at max, in city normal driving in turns etc, only noticed visually when sitting next to the car.. Also why do VW drivers (specially golf) in USA all look like douche hipsters, over here its mostly regular working class kind of owners
Jeebus, thats quick! Will be in touch soon about a Sonata that needs tune love
I want to buy new aftermarket lug nuts same as the original becausr mine are rusted. What should I be aware of when buying so the new ones don't get rusty. The good ones have some kind of coating that i should be searching for??
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