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How to test if washer pump on Roewe i6 is working

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Ronald Anderson
You want to know how to replacing washer pump in your car, you can see quick tips for washer pump repair the right way!
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Comments on how to fix washer pump on a Roewe i6:
Thanks for this great vid
Silencer pe color karne se sahi rahta h yaa nahi konsa color karna chaiye video banao
great video mark, couldn't be any clearer, its a credit to you and your enthusium for your work, thank you very much
Rob Roy
My washers are not working Jaguar have told me the water has leaked on the ECU. The wires are looking a little mouldy. They said it’s the second one in 2 weeks.
In my 2007 Trailblazer I get fluid in the rear but not the front. Whats you guess?
My drain hose has cracked after a few months of normal use. What is the right kind of hose to replace it? Thanks!
Nice job turning a 5 minute job into a hour job with a bunch of cuts
Hi Bill! I have a issue with my washer...can u take a look please?lmk what u think...i got error code 23, i replaced the control board, have same issue with new board...i leave my link here Frigidaire gltf2940fs2
Funny accent and even funnier voice...hilarious!
dewalt 4200 PSI pressure washer is a piece of shit and the last time I buy a dewalt tool! Paid over a thousand dollars for the piece of shit, used it abot 5 times, and less than ten hours and the pump went capoot! tried to have the trash repaired and the cheapest price quoted for replacing the dewalt 4200 psi pump is over 700 dollars! almost as must as the purchase price! any pressure washer got to be better than that no matter the brand! ... dewalt and all their cheap tool!
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Thanks, very good instruction video!
Another helpful video. I have a power washer that has lost a lot of pressure. I was thinking about buying a new washer, but after watching this video, I’ll spend the $80 and give that a try. My pump mounts on the back of engine instead of underneath it, so the pump might be a little easier to replace on my washer. So far today, watching three of your videos has really helped me solve some problems.
Kudos to my man for standing like a super hero
Hey, I just did this following your directions. Easy Peasy.. Now I'm an expert Chevy 2009 Impala washer fluid pump replacer! Yeah.
Dude... that's not much different from my 81 Corvette... thanks for the help...Donny.
Thank You So Much. You just saved me $.. Dealer quoted me $69.00 diagnostic $50.00 part and $90.00 for labor. I bought the part for $20.00 and installed it in like 20 minutes.
Cool, think mine just went bad.
Thank u
Are you guys going to RTR?
Sounds a ton better at the 19 minute mark
Hello, I have Dewalts 4400 PSI 4.0 GPM, and want to connect the Dewalt surface cleaner that says its 3700 psi. could I make this work?
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