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How to tell if throttle cable on Mazda Isuma Genki is bad

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Ronald Anderson
If you want to know how to install throttle cable in your vehicle, you can see tips how to remove throttle cable easy and efficient way!
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Hello Bhai mere ko Yamaha szrr mai horn lagwane hai to roots ke windtone horn sahi rahege
I keep picturing the scene on dumb and dumber where it backfires when Jim is stopping.
Another thumbs up steve l didn't know you could adjust you're throttle this way I have 3 weed trimmers and 4 chainsaws 2 lawn mowers you see now why I love your Chanel.
Good video
I feared for Giselle and Elly, but they escaped thankfully. LOL!
pretty cool.
I trust your evaluations, good work Kyle
Out of curiosity, what's the major benefit of going with a single cable throttle?
Is this a 2.2
What do you do when the cable is frozen and doesn’t work? Buy a new cable or try to break it loose?
What was the piece call that he slipped the wire through? The one on my truck broke off and I can find another one anywhere.
what was your question? just reply here
Nice! Hard to beat the price, too, especially considering what one of those video-arcade throttles goes for.
Everybody listen up! You pull the tooth out of an old automobile fuse, and super glue it as a stopper right where the cam meets the housing. Boom! Fits perfectly, add a rectangular piece of tape on top to keep the glue from dripping away and no more cheap cam overturning into the housing! Creates the perfect stopping point for your throttle.
Good video man.
Cody you rock man. I have a few vintage bikes I've been working on and I'm telling you what your channel is amazing! Thank you so much good sir!
Thnx this is the best advice I've seen on YT by far.!
hey speedkar99...quick question..i have a 99 solara sle v6  runs good..i just did some basic cleaning on throttle body SENSOR with crc CORRECT cleaner  maf for maf... tb for tb..etc  disconnted battery neg terminal 30 min and reconnected.   well i gotta say at first it felt SHARPER..but 48 hrs later on highway..i fell like Ihave no REV AT HIGH SPEED   THE MAF WAS DIFFERENT ON THIS CAR.VS 99 CAMERY IN YOU VID...LOOKS LIKE A SMALL TORPEDO ATTACHED TO BLACK BOX.   DID I DAMAGE MAF?  CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING THT WOULD CAUSE THIS?   THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
How to lube cables
There ur dinner and knobs, don't forget the Hamm's!!
This is such a promotion for Royal Enfield
Hey T-Man, I watch all your vids, I'm building my first go kart and love the way you have your gas and brake peddle setup, do you have a vid on that? if so i missed it
It needs rear steering too.
Hate it, planned obsolescence, more computer gimmick BS
Love this but please swap in a manual trans, seeing this auto is killing me, especially when I saw that fat brake pedal :(2JZ deserves a manual
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