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How to tell if MG ZS dust cap is working

Suspension Specialist
Donald Johnson
Interesting how to install dust cap in your auto, you can see the video manual how to install dust cap the right way!
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Comments on how to fix dust cap on a MG ZS:
Damn that's getting it I'm subbed I want to see more
Prolly the baddest wall ever. Keep up the good work
Thank you very much, Jim. I am learning so much from you about my Snapper. And thanks for revealing information about the newest parts, the ones that replace the old style parts, and the corresponding changes in part numbers. This is a great help. Keeps a feller from wasting money and effort buying and installing inferior old style parts.
Are these the hid coming in Alpha model of Baleno?
Hi bro Installed premium osram hid kit on my Verna diesel 2018 after watching your video and few others, few things I would like to mention if any body wants to install and what I found difficult. Light output is really good and throws the stock halogen into dust, install only on projectors or else you end up in glare and disturbance to oncoming traffic. 1. Use a step drill bit at 20mm to drill a hole into projector caps, from both sides to smoothen the edges, do not use more than 20mm even though you are tempted to and pull out from the same hole 2. Check the orientation of original bulbs and fix accordingly. 3. Adjust the height of cut off if required, don't worry if the height on right side is a bit lower than the left, as it is designed to be so. 4. Use the provided harnesses to fix the ballasts. 5. you can use the guided from the below link
Hi how much time it takes to brighten. As some HID takes abit long to fully brighten. Thanks
Chair leg cap from practically any hardware store. I use one for my Viair OBA setup with the coupling out off the front bumper. Though there is no tail...
Wow, I'm a bit surprised to hear that having no dust cap doesn't make a whole lot of difference. Especially in sealed box speakers! Essentially you're making the speaker ported in some sense, when the cap is missing. How can this not affect the sound? Also in ported speakers, the sound would change if you add another hole to the box. I guess I'd have to try to find out, I just don't have a speaker lying around right now to try it O:-)
My life is compleat!...had to watch it again.
Did I win??? I want that gift?
Hello how can I purchase the installation device?
I'm surprise that you didn't get car sick looool.
If you are doing a lot of these, find a piece of pipe that fits over and hits against that same surface.
How much it is for?? These hid bulbs
whats is the name of the song
The one with the kitchen towel worked for me. Thank you!
Hi. Nice finds,friend. Good luck in the future.
What a build. Gorgeous!!!
EXO is like LockPickingLawyer of subwoofers lmfao
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