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How to replace Mazda MS8 adjustment motor

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George Wilson
You ask how to change adjustment motor in your car, I’ll show you the info about adjustment motor replacement DIY!
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Comments on how to fix adjustment motor on a Mazda MS8:
Where can i find this little square shaped piece that connect motor and shaft?
How can I get my hands on the manual I've been trying to get one with no luck
Do u know what the valve clearance is supposed to be?? Killer video bro thank u much
Looks like a spanking new engine!
Up down to thik hai lekin left right kaise set kare?
I have a same system mechanism in sx4.I will try it.
My cam doesn't move free like yours... how do I get around that
Thanks for this video, Honda dealers,where after £400 For new headlight or £200 for new motor. Order a new motor from the net for £50. I'll let you know how I got on.
Thanks for this!
Got a question I have a 110cc go kart what could be causing the motor to have a knocking sound to it? Thanks and very helpful video!!
It would appear 87-89 Ford Mustangs used the same mirror motor. Found my way here looking for s replacement and it appears the VW part is the answer
very good video
Why yo don t show the chain tear down??
My sons quad 110 has a really bad vibration when I give it gas any ideas.
Do you sell the bearing & housing for the clutch lifter by any chance? Mine has taken a beating, and is getting pretty loose, no matter the amount of adjustment I make. Amazing videos, they’re indispensable for doing any work on our classic bikes.
You just have to close the door and use flipper button’to select and pres start to test. No need to open the door many times. Otherwise i got the same problem and when i set 50 it’s ok but home position at right is not good like you... did you finally fix it?
after clean and rebuilding im trying to adjust but when i squeeze lever i no longer have resistance to kickstart lever what am I doing wrong?
Have you experienced any buzzing sound from around the passenger headlight section? Specifically the area where you can't access the AFS switch like you would on the driver side. I keep getting a buzzing sound there but only when its winter and extremely cold. I cant find explanation for that.
thank you for a great video! helped me alot with replacing my cylinder! the best video for chinese engines out there
Hey guys, after this video I tightened up the valves. They were too loose in this video. Hope this helps
I ended up with 3 washers on mine and have no clue where they go. He had most of the bolts already out.
whalenshiftmachine dot com
nice vídeo, congratulations, i liked it!!
More f23 content!!! What ecu are you running on the accord??
Hi Brenden, awesome video again. The degree of information and detail in your videos are always top notch. Even an amateur like me, who just started on the restauration of his own CB 500 four, can find his way through the restauration journey! Thanks! I found your video because I'Ve been having a hard time to get the clutch cable out of the clutch lifter. Is there a special trick or angle to get it out or do I have to open the lifter manually? Appreciate your help!
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