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How to repair windscreen weatherstrip on Hongqi H7

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Ronald Anderson
If you ask how to replace windscreen weatherstrip in your auto, I’ll show you the article how to replacing windscreen weatherstrip when it's time!
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Comments on how to fix windscreen weatherstrip on a Hongqi H7:
Thank you... this helped me alot
Graņd Cherokee V8 Love this Music V8 ;)
Best and quickest video yet. On my 2004, the low beam clip was hard to figure out... it was different on the driver’s side which was just a push and twist. Thanks
I'm trying to figure out something by watching your video, im hoping you are willing to shed some light on. im trying to figure out which bulb is for my kia. i have a 2015 kia optima (base model) so no HID bulb i noticed yours is also 2015 but just trying to figure out if its the same bulb which would be an H7 according to your video. also im not a big fan of the YELLOW light that comes from this bulb is there a way to make it white without getting an HID conversion kit for instance getting a LED? bulb H7 fitting? subbed btw good video
I can't do nothing, i have to remove the safety or what? I don't understand
there's a special place in hell for the volkswagen engineers who came up with this headlight installation idea. a very special place.
Manual says it must be UV-protected bulbs or the headlight reflector may be damaged. Most of todays headlamps sold  probably are..
love the JB weld trick :)
Hi what about for a 2014 Kia Optima with H7?
Trim ur finger nails geez thats nasty!
Hey I ditched the Sealight bulbs and got syneticusas they give you the perfect beam pattern they have LEDs on all four sides you will need canbus but it’s worth it...
YOU SHOULD CONSIDER BUILDING THESE FOR PEOPLE!!! You could make some good bank!! I am not sure if I have the time to undertake such a project myself though. Looks great!
How do you like those bulbs I have the Silverstar Ultra but they don't seem very white
Alan Howatt! can you tell me this? i have a 2016 mondeo with LED headligts, but i need to change a complete lampe because of damage, does it need reprogramming?
Did you pay any custom duty tax???
I have a question how do i remove black spray paint off my fog lights on my 03 ml320 what do you recommend
Would this works on 2009? I’m not sure if 2009 has the adapter to connect to the new light bulbs with connectors like that. I also bought the similar light bulbs with connector
Hi there. I want to install HID for my w211 high beam. Do I need to put really to avoid any power issue? And thanks in advance
great support thanks -
How do these Leds compare to HIDs?
The 1.5l sounds is way better than the 2.0l. This is one of the reasons why I got myself a 1.5l
No mention of how you actually release the bulb and plug in the first place. There is a catch holding it
Same as my dad's.
You can also consider Philips extreme vision which gives 130% more light without changing anything
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