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How to repair bulb on Shuanghuan Sceo

Electrical & Lights Specialist
Ronald Anderson
You ask how to install bulb in your auto, you can see the tutorial how to replacing bulb very easy and efficient way!
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Comments on how to fix bulb on a Shuanghuan Sceo:
Wow what a joke. All that to change the small light bulb? Mercedes is on crack.
My next Saturday morning project. A lot of work for one little bulb: I will change both when i take trunk lining off
Awesome video. Thanks so much.
Thanks for the demo.  I have a loose bulb,  and this I know, since I can go back and tap on it and it will light up again.  Really annoying.  This is as a result of the 'stealership' doing a recall having to do with some possible corrosion back there.  My wife agreed to take the car in,  since I didn't want to set foot in the place.   Now sure enough,  I have an issue. Not going to the dealership either. Once again,  many thanks.  Now at least I know what to do if I decide to do it.
If I replaced these smaller bulbs (nothing major like headlight, taillights...) with LED ones will that cause an error message?
Thanks for the video... going to my mechanic today and hopefully he knows what hes doing and if not i will show this video lol
What a pain effort.  Remove the radio or climate unit is much much easier.
thx a lot. very well done instructional vid. helped tremendously.
You said you were replacing the license plate bulb but you replaced the trunk light bulb???
Click on the link below to view my DIY tutorial for changing a license plate light bulb in a 2013-2016 Hyundai Santa Fe - Here are all of my DIY repair and maintenance tutorials for the 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe -
Thank you.
Thanks what is name of plastic bolts to screw back in all my bolts wasn't there sad
I cannot thank you enough for this video. God bless you.
2019 headlight
Thanks mate, you saved my wallet
Very good video!! The only lights you missed were the license plate lights. Those were the only ones I needed to replace.
You sold me on these guys. I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2L and have been trying to get LEDs to work on it for years. My experience with these lights are that they work fine on low and high beam, but once I switch it to high beam, my high beam indicator on the dashboard shows up until I completely turn off the lights and reset them. Also, I can only get one side to switch modes. Kinda weird. I sent an email to Boslla and they just sent me back a wiring diagram of the headlight sockets. I tried using a canbus thing in between the lights and the connector to the car but no difference. I have LEDs in the front, turn signals, parking lights etc., only problem with that is my turn signals flash really fast but not a problem to me. They have a section in the installation guide that talks about buying resistors and capacitors. Not sure if that would solve the problem. Do you or anyone on this thread have any advice or guidance. I've been trying LEDs in my Jeep for about 4 years and none of them work quite right, even with a canbus thing hooked up.
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