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How to install Scion xA coolant temperature sensor

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Donald Johnson
If you ask how to install coolant temperature sensor in your auto, you can see the info how to replace coolant temperature sensor DIY!
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Comments on how to fix coolant temperature sensor on a Scion xA:
Hi temperature watch stopped to work, is this what is causing it?
Bhaiya ye cambhal sencer kitte ka ata hai naya
Blue driver shirts are actually fire! Please tell me I can buy one!
hello please help me I had the same problem p0115 problem I changed the thermostat and replaced the temperature water sensor. The fault light is now off. But it's hard to start first in cold weather, I try 7 times What is the reason Could be map sensor. How do I test the map sensor My car Grande Punto 1.4 petrol 2006 model
What Autel diagnostic equipment are you using?
Next video please go outside to show us the location of the part being replaced cuz the lighting was god awful but very good video besides the lighting stating the problems the bad part was creating an the location of the part to fix the problems. Very helpful vid Thnx a bunch
What did you test the spark with.
Nice easy to follow guide, obviously this should be done when the engine is cold and if you can't get a socket over the sender unit you can just about manage with a 19mm spanner.
Co zname ak sviety ten trojholnik, dik
think i have the same problem with the cooling fan stays on right from the start thanks for the great informative video
My car bmw e36 m40 1.8...always heating on the relay fuse box relay n fuse always hot...2 more then time hot n my temperature is always upper level half meters...what the solution...radiator ok,fuse i change new,relay i change new but still hot...if my temperature more then half my relay n fuse hot n me for the solution...
Engine hot happen to me
Awesome video! But lose the background music, as it is a distraction when trying listen to you
is the ect sensor next to the thermostat housing on a 2003 suburban?
Can sensor 2 cause a no start?
Tata indica v2 tharmasetr ke upper me Green suoch kay hai
im looking for my eletric waterpump on my 2008 cadillac cts 3.6 can anyone help
Good stuff, it's always a good idea to clean or change the tank with sensor. still better than the four hundred the mechanic wants.
What were the symptoms of your traverse to change this part?
Cheesy tasting wiring
just want to be sure one more time you didn't have to take off anything else only one side of the house correct?
In this video I show you how easy it is to change the coolant temperature sensor on a 16 valve Ford Fiesta mk6 2004. Also please please subscribe to my channel.
This is a life-saver! Thank you!
Outstanding. Just the advice I was looking for. I took my sensor out of the cylinder head during a head gasket job and forgot to screw it back in before I re-installed the cylinder head. I already put the entire engine and manifold back to together, and after boggling my mind as to where the final electric plug for the power strip connected to the fuel injectors went for over 2 hours, Finally I looked down through the intake manifold and saw a wide open hole in the cylinder head...of course, it was the empty threaded hole leading into my cylinder head staring me in the face. I found the sensor in my 'other' box of connectors. Im going to give this a try tomorrow. Quick there supposed to be an o-ring pushed into that hole in the cylinder head before the sensor is installed and tightened down? Or is the metal washer in it enough to seal it, like a crush washer for an oil line? Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks for the video. Peace
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