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How to install Cowin E3 shift rod bush

Transmission Specialist
Ronald Anderson
You ask how to install shift rod bush in your car, you can see the tutorial how to replacing shift rod bush the right way!
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Comments on how to fix shift rod bush on a Cowin E3:
Where are you located?? I feel like your Crosstrek was at my dealer about a week, or two ago??
That charger is old enough to still have the Mercedes 722.6 transmission. It can handle a lot more than that.
someone can tell me the name of the song at start?
They should have just added an access door on that panel to make it easier to remove. Good video though.
Love your video and i thought that BMW doesn't need to change the gearbox oil as i heard and if you change it the gearbox will be faulty. The mechanic told me the gearbox oil for this car have a special iron filings with and if you open the gearbox will never comeback as before:(
i bought a berh mahle and vdo water pump n thermostat are they good brands
U shouldn’t of plugged back, u should take the car back and see if they lie then expose them if they doooo
Excellent video. Quick question though. I just did the tie rods, control arms and bushings, and sway bar end links but my steering wheel ended up severely crocked (half to hold it facing to the right to drive straight). Is this something that will be fixed when I get my alignment done? Thanks
Hi. My signal reference voltage is 12V. Whats mean that? Is it problem or no? I have no spark at all. Thanks
Any links to where I could buy the Headlight bulb holder? Thanks
one other comment to add - philips carries these bulbs at pep boys currently for $4.99 for two. Their product numbering calls them 74LL, but other companies could call them something else.
hello... more precisely, what is the capacity of the cooling system for the E46 320D facelift
Will this be a driver or a trailer queen.
Make more videos please. I can’t find anyone that makes videos on 6th gen celicas
This is also the same for the C4 Cactus. Thanks for the upload!
Sounds like a split boost hose
nice video! I do it slightly different on my E36 but I will try your method next time.
Actually didn't know it's supposed to light up until my switch broke off and I had to get a new one. Thanks
I am subscribed, and I love your videos. I learn something every time I watch your content. Happy Holidays!
thank you
This video was helpful, Thank You
O melhor q existe kkk
How did you compress it enough to get the pin in? I'm pushing as hard as I can and it isn't enough for the pin to slide in
Thank you! 
Anybody swap a 5 spd in a w124 400e? M119 motor
шток выпал в коробку как его вытянуть только коробку скидывать?
Dear Razor, it is ridiculous how hard it is to inflate these tires. Dear Chris, thanks! Our scooter’s been sitting in the garage for 3 years because i didn’t want to tackle this. Dear future viewers, watch this BEFORE diving in. When I took it apart, washers and bushings just fell out everywhere. I had no idea where they went
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