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How to check Mercury Milan propshaft centre support

Transmission Technician
Brian Allen
Interesting how to replacing propshaft centre support in your vehicle, I’ll show you the video manual how to replace propshaft centre support with no problem!
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Good video buddy. Subscribed
Great vid. How hard do we need to grasp those pipes before oil comes out
Failed my DOE on my transit only yesterday because of worn prop shaft bearings! Thanks for the great Video and going through the process step by step. I already used tips from your timing-belt video on how to replace my fan belt belts, both are working a treat now! Thanks very much!
I did my bearings about a month ago. What an absolute pig. Everything fought me. Almost all Torques bolts rounded off so had to remove the whole bracket then weld and remove them once out. Broke two of the flange bolts gearbox side. Luckily there are six holes on the flange and the bolts that broke where in a position I could just rotate it and use the other holes wasn't in the mood for drilling them out. The splines wouldn't seperate. the bearings wouldn't pull off so had to grind them off.
5:54 you're a poet and didn't even know it!
My propshaft hanger bearing needs replacing too. I saw the one in your link is 30mm. Can i ask the diameter you selected? Mine seems to be 45mm but i am unsure. Any help much appreciated.
Does make a Whining noise when they are going?
Just a little advice for pressing bearings on. Always use an even amount of pressure around the bearing from a socket-like device, bits of old pipe or a carefully machined bit are the way to go.
Great job it brings back loads of memories laying on my back in all weathers working on cars and vans keep up the good work
Informative but quite misleading video, in my case the bearings on my van had never been changed, so the prop shaft was seized onto the universal joint. I ended up having to use two blow torches to heat the yoke on the universal joint and then hammer it off the prop. This may not be the case with every van. But I don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake I did, by assuming it would go as smoothly as it does in the video, I ended up spending most of the day on the job
Very good work!!
Those T40 bearing carrier bolts are a pain. I changed mine for hex head bolts - makes your life easier next time you have to do it.
Another good vid i like this lad he knows the script
Many Thx from Germany :)
Thank you very much for your time making this video, very informative :D cheers!
2009 ford fusion??
Use a 1' hole saw to eat away the base of the sheet metal caps where the flare is, then an 18mm socket will take off the lug nuts underneath.
Ford is so dirty for not caring about this. Thankfully I was right by house when I got a flat. I feel bad for the ones who have been and will be on the side of the road wondering why no size will take their nuts off
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