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How to check if brake shoe set on Changfeng Q6 is bad

Brakes Professional
Donald Johnson
Do you know how to remove brake shoe set in your vehicle, I’ll show you the instructions for brake shoe set repair when it's time!
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Comments on how to fix brake shoe set on a Changfeng Q6:
ROFL that ending. Do these brake adjusters adjust automatically as the shoes wear?
Hey, It's been almost two years, do you have any reviews on these brakes? Any cons? Thanks
Fab easy to understand will be doing my daughters this week
Where u find the brakes for the rear
What size is the bolt that you used to remove the rear drums?
Next video how to replace tires on peugeot...thnx for the video very helpfull.
Glad you did not die, use jack stands next time.
Hi, any idea how hard it'd be to replace the brake hose pipe on the rear wheel, which is also uses drum brakes? Like what type of precautions must I make to ensure nothing goes wrong etc. Thanks.
you are a life saver. i was looking for a bolt to take off my drum because one of my drums wont come out. I watched the video to try to get the size of the bolt. didn't know it would be on the hood of the car.
Way to explain what the hell you're doing
anyone wondering the front breaks were squeaking because of the wear indicators on them. they are added to alot of disk breaks so that you get a light squeak before it really squeaks when its all the way to the metal plate
Hi there, great video! Question trying to replace the shoes on my 2002 206 - one of the drums came off ok, but the other one is stuck... it rotates fine, and I can rattle it back and forwards a few mm, but doesn't want to come off. What would you recommend to get it off? Thanks
Great stuff
How r we to learn when u sped up half of it
I watched this video to see how you got the drums off. Oh well. you cut that part.
Buy Bake Pads: Recommended:
Wished uda showed everything
Fren ayarı yapmadi
Hola gracias por su canal y su dedicación un saludo desde Tenerife.
Helpful, thanks
My 2007 corolla uses this drum set up. I was going crazy to find a video that pertained to my application. Thanks for your upload!
before u did front brakes did u disconnect battery??? & remove keyfob from your pocket
What size socket is the hub nut?
dont you have ti adjust the break for best breaking power?
Strange, is this an early model 206? my 2002 106 has self adjusting drum brakes. Admittedly I couldn't manage to release them in the drum and pulled the entire unit out :)
Thanks for the recommendation on brake pads for these heavy vehicles! Your channel has always helped me with my wife’s 02 suburban! You’re right on the wife part! I always hear it if it don’t stop on a dime lol...Step by step!
Hello sir. I have the same car with manual hubs locker, the problem is when i engage the 4wd strong binding sound comes from the front. I changed the both axles and still the same sound then i tryed to disconnect the front driveshaft and engaged the 4wd with hubs are not locked the sound disappear. And if i locked the hub with no 4wd and no front drive shaft the sound still there. Also if i put 4wd with hubs not locked with front drive shaft in still there's sound but it's lower than when the hubs is locked. Also i checked the front differential oil it's full and good condition. The sound is like heavy metal breaking. One single click every one tire rotat. Please can you help me to find out whats going on or maybe some steps to do so i can figure it out? Thank you in advance
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