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How to check hydraulic filter on MINI Cooper 2

Lubrication Professional
Andrew Hall
If you ask how to install hydraulic filter in your auto, you can see tips for hydraulic filter repair step-by-step!
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Comments on how to fix hydraulic filter on a MINI Cooper 2:
Nice car! I have a cooper f55 carbon edition with the jcw valve exhaust. It specs at 228 on track mode. A friend told me to put some 15% pulleys and to tune it. What other recommendations would you add to that? Also, is there any reason why you have not lowered it?
Good morning I would like you to tell me if you know how many quarts of oil there is in an engine of a Ford year 11 engine6.7 and how much oil does the transmission of that same truck have, I changed the oil pam ppr one of the AFE brand but not I know how much is the recommended oil capacity that I have to put in the transmission, thanks
50k is a much better interval for this unit. This service, based on fluid condition was overdue. Black colored fluid means friction material break down. P.S. - NEVER EVER EVER use red rags when servicing or working on any transmission. The lint it leaves behind can be catastrophic.
Ford owners manual says 150k miles for flush, you said this truck has 100k, I have 126k should I do a change now or wait till 150k? Fluid is still red
Sir c oil ka gram hota to uska bhap kaha se nikalti h
The 6R140 seem to run hotter than the 5R110? I’m new to a 2019 F-450 from an 07 lol
Do you check the level after the 8qts and then add if needed up to 8.5 qts??
Hey, great video. I have a couple of NH tractors, and this is the best video I can find anywhere on youtube on how to change the hydraulic fluid on these machines. I appreciated all the detail you included, that helps... Thank you! Keep the machinery and hay videos coming. I'm in the (multi-year) process of starting a hay farm in the NE Missouri area, so this (and the other project videos and hay videos) are awesome.
Meri 335 escort ko start krne K liye subah Me compressor se start krna padta hai aisa kyu Ek bar start ho jane K bad chabi se start ho jata hai
Great video, very helpful. One thing that got me was the drain pan I used. It is the kind with two inlet holes and a vent. As fast as the fluid comes out, those two holes do not let the fluid into the tank fast enough, and trying to put the plug back in really fast is easier said than done. We have a CK 2610 gear model and it has been a great tool.
And can you use that for the rear as well?
That machine has been used and abused. At least its easy to work on. I sure like kubota for that.
Hello sir mere pass John Deere 5039 d tractor hai kya usko bhi ISI tarah se saaf kar sakte hain John Deere ka water plug kahan hota hai aur usko nikaalne ke liye kitne ki chnomberabi lagti hai
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