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How do you test if clutch cable on MINI Cooper 3 is working

Transmission Technician
Ronald Anderson
If you ask how to replace clutch cable in your vehicle, I’ll show you tips how to replace clutch cable by your hands!
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At least it beautiful where u live besides the brutal cold
Thanks Ray. Needed this.
boa noite coloca a legenda disponível em português
Ha! Went to lots of car meets at The Crooked Billet in Iver back in the day! FYI, they filmed at fair bit of ‘The Professionals’ on the dual carriageway there (A4).
I would’ve just put the seat on not all the plastic and then took the mud wharf off I really like that look for some reason
I put my bike on maintenance stand and when put into first gear rear wheel start rotating when clutch is full pulled. Is it bad sign of my clutch plates. Is there way to identify bad clutch plates without dissembling (Honda Honet 250). And I have good slack upto standard rangeThanks
Some motherFauci is gonna misinterpret this to say you gotta bump-start in reverse.
Will this help with friction zone engagement? I put some shorty levers on an r1 and the clutch engages extremely close to the bar like if I release a little bit the bike will die
Nice one, love these hacks! I guess if you're doing it rather frequently it's totally worth the time invested. I've also 'specialized' a couple of tools for common or frequent tasks. Namely one 15mm wrench, with a 500mm long extension welded into it. Allows to press accessory belt self adjusting tensioner on most cars. With the use of my shoulder! Leaving both hands free for other operations. It's real a time saver and way cheaper than 'commercial' versions. ;-)
thank you!
Plastic =break. I don’t trust it in the long run
I need to buy that upper dash cover (0:16-0:18 seconds on your video)with the space you can put the clutch lever and the hour meter in place. Nate, what model is your Husqvarna?
Great vídeo. Man, the Imperial system sucks, I wish everyone was on metric! Keep the videos coming, I can't get enough!
not instructive at all
Yo any idea if this is the same for an 2001 cbr f4i?
Little tip if you pinch your tube when installing it, instead of buying a new one get a bicycle tire patch and it will work great
Hi,great video, i own a V92C 2001 Victory Cruiser with 17,000 miles on her. I've had it garaged for the past two years but i turn her over every 2 weeks recently I noticed that my bike would not turn over in neutral, the green pilot light stays on I've had to pull in the clutch lever to start the bike. Could you provide me with any suggestions? i sure wish there was a Victory Technician down here. Thanks for this clutch cable tip.
Did same on my ignis about 3-4 years back - clutch cable replaced. After replacement it feels like a new clutch. The only thing - the cable length should be adjusted after some time as seems cable stretches a bit(used original cable).
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