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How do you test Hongqi H7 fuel filter

Lubrication Specialist
Timothy King
Interesting how to replacing fuel filter in your vehicle, you can see the manual how to replacing fuel filter when it's time!
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Comments on how to fix fuel filter on a Hongqi H7:
Verito Logan Ka v video banao Bhai full video banana bhai
Bhai giear oill
Well done bro
Bhai video bnaye ho to ache se smjaye hote hed ke uper ka btaye nahi settings
Untuk harga nya filter bensin grand avanza brp?
Both the Air Filter and Fuel Filter are far to time consuming for a serviceable part on the E53. BMW need to be spanked hard. Thank you for making this Video, this would be the 5th different way ive seen this job done
did mine today. took me about 2 hours cause it was the first one i ever did. my tips that arent in this video are: i ended up removing the air box and engine cover because i have big hands and it made it a lot easier. I did remove the two nuts that this video said not too because i did not have enough room to even get a quater inch ratchet on the cage tension nut. That nut is a nightmare to get on with only 1 click movement of the rachet. i found a 3 quater long reach rachet easiest to get in on it. problem is you cannot see the nut if u use a shorter rachet because your hand is in the way. Also, i had to remove the nut on the bottom left hand side of the cage so that i could pull it forward a little as the filter hits the underneath of the car (its too long to remove in situ). Another thing i noticed is that the bleeder nut is lower than the pipes which mean some air may still be in the top half of the filter. so whilst pushing the pipe on (left hand side) i pumped the bulb and let it spurt a bit to ensure all the air was out. Started first click no problems good luck
It was easier than I expected. Literally 5 min job
Sir Charon piston ek jesa hi rakhana hair kya
All this work for a damn little fuel filter!!! What happened to having the filter under the car???!!
Hey mate thanks for the video, makes it so easy! If you wouldn't mind telling me what you sprayed after replacing the filter? How did you clean it down?
Sarabi... persian???
I just ordered a K&N air filter for my 2011 XC90, I want to upgrade my fuel filter to a K&N fuel filter.
Thanks. Before watching your video I didn't even know where the filter was or what it looked like. I ordered a new filter online and got it he next day. Had it replaced in about 30 minutes. Disconnecting the fuel lines was really aggravating but I was ready for that. At least I knew what I had to do and just kept working at it. And the best part is the fuel filter was the problem. Smooth acceleration now.
I love your videos 100% down to earth ... guy keep up the good work..
Good idea don't just dump the fuel into the river
Head ke said me jo ap ne lagaya uska keya nam tha helmosted
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