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How do you test Cadillac XLR transmission mount

Transmission Technician
Ronald Anderson
You ask how to replace transmission mount in your automobile, I’ll show you the quick tutorial how to remove transmission mount step by step!
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Comments on how to fix transmission mount on a Cadillac XLR:
Any chance you guys can have a second mount made and I can buy it from y'all? I also contacted excessive but I got no response.
I've been this shop before, they made these videos just want customer knows all car maintenance needs experience, time and labor, nothing cheap for own a car, everything has a price. Their charge was reasonable, by the way.
Nice video. Really helpful
Hi, 240 owner your videos...just wanted to let you know this account seems to be pirating your work sA
The engine looks a little high compared to body but looks good dude
I don't usually post a comment but I do watch all of your videos and love them all you have helped me to become a better 'shade tree mechanic' I do all my own work unless it is something I don't know how to do then I take my 92 Nissan truck or my girlfriends honda civic to our mechanic. Thank you for the videos Eric stay safe and God bless.
The Chinese replacement mounts are notoriously manufactured poorly. I heard about the difference in width on the mounting pad and ground mine before I installed it. I also used 3M Window Weld to reinforce the cheap Chinese rubber. Look on YT for window weld motor mount, there's videos to show you how to fix the factory mount or reinforce a Chinese replacement mount. It's well worth your time to do this.
I heard some bitching about vibes from the poly mounts at 700 rpm idle.. Mostly XJ' notice this or is this BS... 
Kurwa mać, co to za rzeźnia XD
Lemförder and Corteco are actually the company that produce the parts for Mercedes. I use them in all my Mercedes. Be aware this models can have 2 oil pans or at least 2 drain plugs. The dealership here in germany missed that and and overflooded the engine of my fathers SL55 with oil. They even forgot to proper tighten the oil cap wich caused a mess in the engine bay. I know why i never visit a dealership and doing all by myself. But by thinking about that the charged 3000 euros for the service wich included oil + filter, sparkplugs, transmission fluid, brakefluid, air filter, ac gas.
I would like to add that factory mounts are defective and fail prematurely. Mine have been replaced 3 times with 90k. Use aftermarket mount. Visors and cv joints have Been replaced 3x too. My niece has same car with same 3 problems too. Mounts visors and cv joints are the most defective honda parts on this car.
Awesome video. I have a question. I have a vibration at idle that goes away when I out it in neutral (99 LS400). I also have a vibration from 0-35 mph. Does that sound similar to your issue? I plan to replace my mount step by step the way you described here and see if that works. Thanks!
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