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How do you tell if thermo pneumatic valve on Hummer H2 is working

Intake & Exhaust Professional
Brian Allen
If you ask how to change thermo pneumatic valve in your auto, I’ll show you the quick tutorial how to replace thermo pneumatic valve by yourself!
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Comments on how to fix thermo pneumatic valve on a Hummer H2:
Thank dadag kaalaman... Tanong ko lang ano ano problems nag kaaroon ng tubig sa loob ng sasakyan sa flooring. Kahit nka off makina at Hindi ginagamit sasakyan.
Awesome and God bless
This made me want a v70 instead of my 850 which I am very much in love with
You do know that the US isn't the only country in the world, right?
Haha oh no we’re joeless! I mean, I don’t know how you could do a better impression. That was gold. If Ben just sets up all the Tesla’s he owns ahead of time he could go 800 miles on a single charge(es)
Very nice.
.ring.ta.saleva.pear m.ho.skdi.A
Sera se tem como diagnóstico problemas em ar condicionado por exemplo um compressor nao aciona?
This is going to be an amazing build by the end!!
Some great tips there!
hi there. I've been doing some audio preparation on my 7gen rear doors and one of inside handles doesn't open the lock now - think the pulling rod has disconnected. I'm unable to access the lock by only removing the door panel, will I be able to access it through the outside handle hole if I remove it like in your video. 6gen doors looks identical to 7gen.
It’s so cool!
Daaaaaaaaang that is a nice paint color. And combined with those hub caps its just a real good looking car. There's no way that would even run like that. Maybe you will get lucky with a new pickup coil and it will live again!
Thanks for the great video and explanation!
I know this video is a little old but thank you!
That’s not a cold air intake
Useful demonstration, but am a bit confused why the entire video was in Canadian.
Thank you alot
Bonjour monsieur est-ce que vous pouvez mettre le lien site pour acheter ces clés merci
I have only worked on one BMW, a 2011 X5 M with the crazy twin turbos in the vee V8. A packaging nightmare for sure. Replaced coolant hoses for the intercoolers with new plugs and coil packs also. Not real bad but having to buy a special socket I'll never use again to replace the plugs sucked. And you were not kidding about hidden fasteners..
'Unseated Ball' - that was my nickname back in high school.
Pakai thermo atau nda itu tergantung dr jenis mobilnya. Kl mobil mobil yang memakai kipas dr putaran mesin maka wajib di psg thermostat, tp kl mobil yg kipasnya elektrik lepas thermostat gpp, sya fiesta 1.5 at tetap irit ko
Nice and quick
Nice video - riding a Routemaster or RT (with a smooth driver as here) was a relaxing experience, big low revving AEC engine, melodious transmission and harmonious interior - such a difference to the erratic 'point and squirt' screaming buses of today with their interiors seemingly designed by a 5 year old using 'every one' of his crayons! Boris Master excepted.
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