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How do you tell if oil pan gasket on Ford Courier is bad

Transmission Professional
Kenneth Wright
If you ask how to replacing oil pan gasket in your auto, you can see the article how to change oil pan gasket by yourself!
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Comments on how to fix oil pan gasket on a Ford Courier:
Is there a torque specification for the bolts on the paper filter housing? Thanks!
Making me want to do this on mine. Best N55 rebuild tutorial on YouTube!
That lift helped
My Silverado with 5.3L oil pressure is around the 40 mark but it makes an intermittent ticking sound. I wonder if this would fix its issue. 215k miles
How was the chain slack?
Great video. What is that gasket made out of? And what's the name to the awesome song. 
dam man that sucks! what mileage is your BMW at? I'm surprised usually that rear main seal drips slowly never seen it that much. Oh well just another day with a BMW E46, haha best of luck man!
great video now i know how to get the oil pan off to replace my oil pump. thanks
Find an independent BMW repair shop in your area, drop it off, go for a swim then pick it up when fixed. Unless you have a lift your risking fo ...
What happens to all that silicon that oozes into the pan. It's definitely oozing outside of it
I'll just casually mention this used to be a automatic... BTW at 2:52 These are called Datamatrix codes, they are not QR codes.
What’s the first part you pointed out called?
What brand of engine caulking or gasket for the new one?
that turbo ek in the back
you seem to know a lot of bmws...i would really like to know if you could take a good look at mines.. I'm in the los angeles area...
Do you have to remove the oil cooling system to drop the pan? I just have to replace the gasket.
So there's no actual gasket? It's just rtv?
I have to lower the subframe to get to the oil pan in my e36 °-°
Your fix did not work for me. After replacing the timing chain cover gasket and water pump, I had discovered the oil pan gasket at the front was ripped. Cleaned everything and generously applied silicone. Leaked enough oil on the floor the size of a pizza pan. Now I have to do it the right way.
This video is great. I have an Si-R and Im working on it. Great job
Transmission to engine bolts. Include the 2 top 18 mm, 18mm bolt from engine to trans located by the front engine support, and a 15mm by the exhaust. Do I have to remove the 2 10mm bolts too by the 15mm?
Replaced the passenger control arm to replace a bad ball joint. Had to take that same damn motor mount off... to get to one bolt. I am a DIYer.. took me all day. But go her done!. Most i have ever done before that job was brakes and rotors. Now chasing down an oil light. Thanks for the video.
Excellent video
Damn that CR-V looked in mint condition. Even the headlamps weren't yellowed or faded. Gotta love those ultra clean California vehicles. Great video.
One easy way to flush the transmission without removing the oil pan and filter is to drain the fluid and disconnect the line to the radiator then start the vehicle 2 minutes until all fluid is out,then turn off the car,reconnect the line and fluid plug and finally replenish of new transmission fluid at the level indicated.
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