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How do you check Zhonghua M3 air filter

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Timothy King
If you ask how to replace air filter in your car, you can see the information how to remove air filter DIY!
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Comments on how to fix air filter on a Zhonghua M3:
Just wondering why it says the secondary cats in the evo are deleted. As far as I know the evo only has one cat which is between the downpipe and cbe.
I still think it's unfair to compair a heavily tuned car (the EVO) with a stock car(the M3). Such a win has no merit IMO. A stock M3 destroys an EVO anytime, anyhow, all the ways.
ojsilva1975 I had a Mirage when I was in my early 20's, I think it was the model before yours, kind of squarer in shape, it was the turbo model. One day I discovered removing some wastegate tube like tripled the HP, lol, lots of fun but the engine blew up after about 6 weeks!
the m3 stood no chance against a big evo
I knew there are morons out there. And you just proved I was right.
It was a good show, Can i know what the name of music is?
robzombie0008 Actually, the evo was the 1st place winner in the last years Fast-lap even. So it has been driven extreemely hard much more than the M3. And guess what? The owner of the M3 just changed his engine with a new one as the old one blew (a big hole in the block). I saw it as I was sitting in the passengers seat when it happened. And the M3 was stock (except exhaust and aif filter). This story makes your comment very funny :)
sweet vid
both great cars rather than shitty american muscles
man i dont sub to any ppl channels but you really earned it i will ask you how to's if i needed any helping in future thanks alot peace
Came here bcuz the manual just says to remove the damper but doesnt explain how. Scared me at first when you didn't show how to exactly to remove the damper but explained it in the reinstall! Thanks!
Have to purchase this wrangler
2:42 hahahahaha
The filter you removed had the arrow pointing up. You said have the arrow pointing down. Explain, please.
Thanks Nick. Love your work.
Do you think you could put an air freshener on top of the filter? May be paper clip it or staple it so it don’t blow around.
toyotatundra2006wher etolocatethecabin airfiltrr
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