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How do you check throttle cable on Tata Sierra

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Paul Lewis
You ask how to install throttle cable in your auto, I’ll show you the video manual about throttle cable replacement step by step!
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Comments on how to fix throttle cable on a Tata Sierra:
What codes will this issue usually throw? I’ve got a P0420 code and a leaking valley cover. I’ve replaced all the 02 sensors to no avail.
It only takes a minute to remove it and do a quality job
That is NOT the way to set the idle on a fuel injected car!!! The idle is controlled by the ecm. All that you are supposed to do with that adjustment is take the slack out to achieve full opening of the throttle blade, and cable should have a small amount of slack in it so the throttle blade closes completely. If you have a bad idle, there are other issues that need to be addressed. Idle should be around 7-800 rpm. If the idle adjustment screw has been moved, disconnect the idle control and set base idle to around 500 rpm, shut off engine and reconnect idle control.
Cycle Cruza, I ride a 2016 CBR100RR which is very similar to your bike. I have not experienced rider aids on a MC at this time but I would only buy it if money is not an issue and I didn't mind bringing it to the dealer. Because i'm a typical rider, I wanted old school and ABS was the only thing that I considered until I realized that it is most useful in the rain which I usually avoid anyway. And learning to brake with both brakes has helped me to stop my bike pretty well rain or shine. As far as the throttle, one of the riders I know has the BMW 1000, he said that the throttle is so sensitive that you have to be careful when you hit a bump. That ride by wire is almost too sensitive for street action. That's just what he said. I have never ridden it. Keep posting videos man, watching them all the time.
What's with no
Jean Baptiste
This doesn't seem fast or easy compared to using a $10 cable oiler tool.
So simple but great
donyboy73 alright well i think i got it to work.
Its as if he didn't know there was a camera...
Steve thank you so much for your videos. I had to remove and clean my carb and also had to adjust my throttle like you showed here. I really appreciate you taking the time to teach us how to do these things
I tightened it as much as possible and it's still a little loose
You need to work on those video skills bud
I traded a vt1100 saber there is SO Much free play he punched down the exaughst to quiet it down I'll try to adjust the INSANE amount of free play...I can literally push the throttle past the snap back spot
What type of seat do you have in the bed? I have an ez-go mpt1200 with a dump bed, and I would like to install a seat like yours.
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