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How do you check SAO Penza shift rod bush

Transmission Specialist
Anthony Hernandez
Wondering how to change shift rod bush in your car, I’ll show you the article about shift rod bush repair easy and efficient way!
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My dream is to bring one of these back to England (probably from Eastern Europe), learn to maintain it and convert is into a little camper, my personal adventure wagon. One day I will travel the world in my UAZ. I over your channel and watching your adventures. How much experience in mechanics did you have prior to working on your UAZ? Has it been challenging working on it?
How many microns r those six filters,heard there good
Could measure both halves & draw it up on CAD for a adapter plate? Your method does get happening! You now have a few reference points from each half in relation to the centre!
Outstanding job thanks
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Ah, you fulfilled my boat porn addiction for the day!
You dont need to buy the complete drive shaft.
Assalamualaiqum sir. Apnar tutorial gulo dekhe onk upokrito hocchi... Simple Interest ans compound interest er tutorial o jodi petam, khub upokar hoto sir..
sir plz upload R.C. circuits video also
Love the cars, take a look at the XTS, Cadillacs doing good stuff now a days...
what people don't know is this car came out in 1995. and in 1995-1998 SUV's were extreamly new and popular. IT was all the rage to have an suv. SUVs luxury ones were a new concept, and this 2nd gen explorer was the 'it' suv in the 90s, it was so popular then because there was only 5% of the suvs in the 90s that exist today.
i wonder if the people get paid more if that really gonna help... every company that gives ibn to its workers usually fails or goes bankrupt
Went through exact steps and it worked perfectly. Nice to have all the steps explained.
Cool truck thanks for posting it!
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বায়ারের সাখে চ্যাট করতে করতে Report এ চাপ লেগে গেছে। এখন কি করবো?
Actually its called a fuller not blood groove, it Lets the blade be made lighter
looks good so far. Can't wait to see the BMS hooked up and see the true battery capacity after a few charges.
oh, and which way the mixture screws makes it rich or lean? i am planning to put those on my -83 corolla
Note on the Cummins flywheel. The pilot bearing is a weak point... Better to have it bored out for a real bearing. Those needle bearing will fail and if you keep driving it the transmission input shaft will be ... $
can audio be affected?
Already got my deposit on my maxx just waiting for them to get it in got the demo with lights looks just like that one
Reet enjoying this series boys
What size tires do you run
Say- you really need something to test that on. One video had a guy line up 100 pumpkins and use his snowblower on the pumpkins. Worked very well!
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