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How do you check if ignition switch on Volkswagen Crafter is working

Electrical & Lights Technician
Anthony Hernandez
Interesting how to install ignition switch in your car, you can see the video manual how to replace ignition switch step-by-step!
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Comments on how to fix ignition switch on a Volkswagen Crafter:
Had the same problem with my 2008 Hyundai Veracruz
Le aces mucho ala mamada
Idol pashout naman
I have a 95 model,its seems slightly.My illumination with has 2 medal tabs on it that seem to go under barrel..they look like female connectors??? pls help lol
Mitar bod laght suwich
Officer: what are you doing boy? Me: i lost my keys. Officer: Okay good luck. Now if your black or Latino now that's a different story.
The white is over spray from dash paint
Bummer mine is chinese taotao so colors are all different
Thanks - I'm just about to do exactly this... fingers crossed it fixes it!
Yo i did this and then my car stopped turning on accessory when i turn the key. Anyone know of anything it could be. Battery is good, relays are good, no blown fuses
hey wagner were did you get the part is a dealer part or any part store NAPA OR MERLES OR WHAT PLEASE EMAIL ME AT javiertucson2 I'D REALLY APRECIATE IT
The last time they finally replaced the keys!!! That's what should have been done the 2nd time at least!!
I have a 1987 ford ranger I just put a new ignition cylinder in the old one wouldn’t stay in the on position, now the new works but when I grab the steering wheel the engine turns off, can you tell what the problem might be?
Great video, thanks for manufacturing that rebuilt kit. I love when parts can be salvaged by just replacing a component, small effort to avoid waste, and helps the environment. There is definitely a trick to get the new component lined up in the lock assembly and fit with the back metal piece which connects to the ignition switch, it took some struggle but finally figured it out.
U did way more work then needed why did you pull steering wheel dont need too
Welcome to my world Pal!
who would ever thought an ignition hardness for stuck third gear. not me thank you one more time for your videos. viewer from Carson California.
Just did this today. This really works! At first this key would not turn to the on position. It finally loosened after i sprayed WD-40 into the lock assembly. Thank you.
Junk video
I did it once with a dent puller when the lock cylinder froze up!
Do your high beams lock in? My don't lol
Thank you nice video.
Hi buddy, I would say that you should be proud of yourself and I love how you put the switch right in front of their You have a good head on ur shoulder's and I might add a big pair of stone's!!! Keep up the good work! Good luck Sincerely, Richie Conrad BBC
How do you get it demagnetized?? I’m having that problem right now
After I swapped the ignition cylinder, I put my old immobiliser on it and it still doesn't work
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