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Check if Soueast Delica clutch master cylinder is working

Transmission Specialist
Paul Lewis
If you want to know how to replace clutch master cylinder in your automobile, learn at clutch master cylinder replacement by your hands!
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Comments on how to fix clutch master cylinder on a Soueast Delica:
Thanks for filming that, am going to give it a shot in a few weeks,and see how I go!
i somehow stripped the rod screw. any other way to get it loose without taking out the cmc
Boss same po ba ang clutch master ng corolla 2e sa corolla 4afe lovelife
So a question: would you trade a sc400 with 130k miles for an sc300 manual with 190k miles? I have always wanted a manual sc300 and this was offered to me recently.
How do you know if you need to change this part? My jeep wrangler yj is grinding in every gear right before gear is fully in place.
Where does the connector on the trans brace go I unplugged it taking it down and can’t find it
Could you bleed it from the slave bleeder? Incase you don’t have a vacuum kit that fits the dot3 tank?
What kind of brake fluid should I use, or recommend. I don’t track the car just drive a couple a times a week. Thanks
Dude... please change the name of your video! People realize the process is similar but this is for your Brake Master...NOT Clutch Master and Slave. Geez, You've had two years to fix the title. WTF.
One of the cutest cars ever made. Perfect for city with beach where you can enjoy driving it.
Looks like you're making good progress.
Great video!
what is that little thin metal thingy ma bob inside on the bottom of the master cylinder? i was cleaning the master cylinder and it fell out
Gusto ko ... mga kuha brother..nice view..
Should've gotten the new accord 2.0t touring. Similar motor, newer, 10 speed auto. That would've been a good review. But since you are reviewing the accord v6, a dying breed, do me a favor...unlatch the clips on the stock intake filter cover, just a little bit, so we can REALLY hear the v6 growl under hard acceleration
One of the best videos I’ve seen by far.
What if I adjust it to tight will that cause my clutch to start slipping alittle
my truc shake at 1 step Help me what's that?
I have a 94 Coupe, I’ll be doing a lot of the same things you’re doing. Except I am getting a kit made for Wilwood 4 Piston calipers up front. It’s getting a 6bolt 4G63SWAP as well. I have steel braided lines for up front and banjo conversion fittings for the Wilwoods to work. Do you have the part number for the brake bias part you swapped in??? Love the build man!
+Highly Sober they would charge a good amount for this at a shop.. i don't have their overhead, so i can definitely give u a good price if u'r still interested :)
So you were able to tell them 'Hey I want a new transmission and this new part installed' and they just did it? I've been fighting with my local dealership for months to try and get this issue fixed. They won't even look at anything until they can 'replicate the issue'
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