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Check if Scion xD oil pressure sensor is bad

Electrical & Lights Professional
Kenneth Wright
Do you know how to remove oil pressure sensor in your auto, I’ll show you the manual how to replace oil pressure sensor by your hands!
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Comments on how to fix oil pressure sensor on a Scion xD:
Hey Taj, do you have tips on how to push in the Brake Caliper before you can replace the brake pads?
Great video! The repair was very easy, i end up squeezing a long 15 socket and a ratchet to pull out the oil pressure senor. Beware with the new replacement, i took my time on installing it back on just in case you can possibly strip the threads.
500 dollars for oil change holy moly. I think they found no metal but gold
Como quito ese sensor pero de una 2014 no hay espacio?
Thank you for this, I really do appreciate it. You're an awesome dude.
Thank you so much for this.
Thank for the inspiration
the biggest thing you left out is how the hell to unplug it! LOL
Does your oil gauge stay put, or move around a little? I have a dripping oil leak, especially after the car has been on, and the gauge jumps around from 38-40.
Hey I need to know are use using a oil sending unit socket? Or are u using a regular socket? a 27mm that your using looks like a impact socket? The one I bought is 3.8 drive yours is 1 inch drive where did u get yours? I don't think I will have enough tork to get it out could u please tell me where u bought your socket from thank you
That last bit was great.
Mine went out back in January. I was happy to pay someone to change it lol.
Can I use carb cleaner?
my 01 F-150 has the same body. I have the 5.4 2v SOHC version and i have the same problem thanks to your vid im gonna fix it soon thanks man
How deep is the filter
I hear a woodpecker in your tree
Mo powha bebe!!
Bro you did more taking than showing
Well that was a waste of my life
Thanks for posting your video. I just changed it myself after purchasing the sensor and a 1 1 deep socket from an auto store ($55 cost). No ... removing the sensor from a very tight area on my 2013 GC SXT, 3.6 VVT engine. Much swearing on trying to get the new one in that spot. Both tops of my hands are very bruised and purple, but I finally got it started in by using the socket and extension with only my fingers to tighten, then snugged with the handle. I will be looking for a 6 to 8 inch piece of hose to use next time to start it in. Just did not have the right size this time. lol Still throwing a P0520 code but no check engine light. Will check it after it gets driven awhile. Thanks again!!
not sure if my sensor is going out, but i was cruising and then out of nowhere my oil pressure dropped to 0 for a couple seconds and just randomly disappeared
speak up dude
I would love to know how to change the catylatic converter on this car...mine is clogged bad...I can't get over 50 and my intake nosie got alot louder.
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