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Check if clutch cable on Chery Bonus is working

Transmission Professional
Andrew Hall
Do you know how to install clutch cable in your vehicle, you can see the video tutorial how to change clutch cable easy and efficient way!
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Comments on how to fix clutch cable on a Chery Bonus:
Van Aken
This is more my speed. “Made in China, MODIFIED in the USA!”
Me and my friends just got one for free but we need to get a carb a spark plug and sum hardware and a fuel pump and lines and I think it might run it’s a dirt project so I hope we can get it running and drive ong it’s the semi auto model
Man.. i felt your pain with the innertube. Went through 3 of them one time.
pa shout out sa next vlog mo lodi. salamat po ☺☺☺
Great video! thanks for sharing. stay safe and keep smiling
muy buena informacion gracias por enceñarnos
I did this to my 02 v6 mustang and started it up, but it does not want to physically shift into any gears with the car on. It does shift with the car off though. I have messed with the clutch cable adjuster but still doesn't shift with car on. I was wondering if not having the o2 sensors plugged into the exhaust has something to do with it? Or maybe has something to do with the trans fluid I used? Just curious if there was something little I missed before I assume its the clutch i'm using. The entire clutch kit an flywheel is all new. But im using a used transmission from a junkyard. i appreciate any feedback before I decide to get it professionally looked at. The cars been sitting for a few years now and I no longer have the time or money to be playing the guessing game with it anymore.
over 77000 mile on the bike. how is the engine running. still great condition
Yow a90 yuh use or 87
Hey I am trying to do the same thing and I am trying to get the body kit do u think it would fit my Tao Tao 125cc and the parts are form Amazon
I don't have this level of intelligence to do this
I dunno how, but bump starting a 4L60e automagic can be done. (Emphasis on having no idea how, as I'm pretty sure the pump is input driven) I had a mate had one and he'd shut the engine off at 100km on the highway so he could hold buttons on his cruise control and bring up more bullshit on his trip computer. Engine off, still in drive, then everything starts back up the moment the main power comes back on. Would've been ... hilarious if his steering locked up in the process, cause of death = stupidity. No idea how the bloke isn't dead. Speaking of death by stupidity, I had a neighbour working underneath some hyundai crossover type piece of crap without wheel chocks and jack-stands. He's not going to be making that mistake again any time soon, or ever for that matter, It was 3 or 4 days in the Australian summer sun before anyone found him, or what was left... What makes matters worse is that I would have no issue with passing tools and sighting for him had he asked
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